About the security detail story…

- June 21st, 2012

RCMP detail
See David Akin’s column on the subject. I only want to add one thing: I want tough, and tough-minded agents guarding the lives of my prime minister and his or her family. I don’t care who the prime minister is, and whether I agree with him or her. Nobody should get close enough to hurt them, full stop. And I don’t care how much of a tough cookie the guy in charge of ensuring their safety has to be. Within reason, obviously. But the nature of the job makes me give the person in charge a lot more latitude than I would give to your average RCMP officer.

Also? Remember when Aline Chretien had to fight off an intruder in their bedroom? We don’t hear stories like that anymore, right? That’s a good thing.

OK. That was two things.

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