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- September 14th, 2010
mansbridge warns of guns

CBC National anchor Peter Mansbridge warns Canadians about Americans

So the CBC spent 5 minutes of their prime national news cast time telling Canadians the breathtaking news that…..shocker…..the NRA (that’s the National Rifle Association, an American group) is interested in the Canadian debate on the long-gun registry. They are trying to influence the Canadian debate Peter Mansbridge told his audience last night.

This is shocking! Who knew? Why weren’t we told???!!!!

Except we were. By the CBC in fact back in 2005 during the election that lead to the Conservatives winning power.

It has also been reported in The Star in 2006 and earlier this year. It was reported by Tim Naumetz for the Southam chain back in 2001.

During the 2005/2006 election guns became a big issue. Toronto had just gone through the “summer of the gun” where shootings seemed to be a daily occurrence and the number of people murdered appeared unusually high.

Then there was the boxing day shooting that saw Jane Creba, a young Toronto girl out shopping with her friends, killed on Yonge St. during a gang shoot out.

In a story from December 30th the CBC raised the issue of the NRA being involved in the gun registry debate after Liberal MPs raised it. The Liberals claimed that the NRA was behind an ad campaign targeting them for their gun registry support. That ad campaign was scrapped by the Canadian Shooting Association and the Canadian Institute for Legislative Action in the wake of the Creba shooting.

In the CBC report they quote Larry Whitmore from the sports shooting association.

“I can state categorically we have never received one cent from the NRA, and we have never asked for any money from the NRA,” Whitmore said. “They are just another organization we communicate with.”

If you watched Diane Swain’s CBC piece last night, it might seem like the NRA has given money, $100,000 in fact to fight Canada’s gun registry. Listen to Swain carefully though. While she highlights these funds as she discusses NRA help for the Canadian anti-registry lobby she mentions that this was for an American infomercial. Yes, the NRA paid the whole shot for an infomercial aired in the United States and targeting American gun owners.

The shock and horror of it all.

When I heard about the NRA story, I thought it could be interesting. It would be fascinating if the NRA were organizing people in Timmins to defeat NDP MP Charlie Angus after he changed his mind on the registry. Instead CBC rehashed old news.

A few of my gallery colleagues seem to like ripping apart fake or torqued stories, or so they say. Will be interesting to see what happens with this one over the next couple of days.

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  1. fern says:

    what a load of garbage..who is the CBC trying to fool with this.
    The NRA is an American based group they have no say in Canada.
    The Liberals will say anything to keep this registry.

  2. Matt says:

    I wonder when the CBC will do a story discussing where Wendy Cukier and her Coalition For Gun Control here in Canada get their funding from.

    Here’s a few to get them started:

    - AMERICAN anti gun billionaire George Soros
    - AMERICAN anti gun lobby The Brady Campaign for Gun Control
    - International anti gun lobby IANSA (Cukier is a board member)
    - The LIBERAL govenrments of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin to the tune of about $400,000 of Canadian taxpayer money.

  3. Graham says:

    The Liberals and their supporters disgust me.

    They try to create a story about the NRA sticking their noses into Canadian affairs, yet they have no problem with an American group starting a petition to the CRTC demanding they refuse a broadcast licence to a Conservative leaning channel like Sun TV.

  4. Gabby in QC says:

    More proof here in your post, Mr. Lilley, and in the previous three comments why we do need a conservative leaning (Sun) news org.

    Also, I would be willing to bet few of the left-leaning members of the Press Gallery have read the entire RCMP report.

  5. Jim Pook says:

    Some facts on Wendy Cukier:

    *Cukier ILLEGALLY received nearly $400,000 in grants, from then Justice Minister Allan Rock’s office, to act as a government lobbyist…lobbying the government. Both Cukier and Kim Doran are currently under investigation for this.

    *Cukier’s firm Telecon Consulting has large contracts with the RCMP, several police departments and provincial governments, on IT services involving the Federal Firearms Centre.

    *Cukier’s recent book, “Global Gun Epidemic,” has been panned for fabrications of facts, including referencing models of firearms which don’t exist.

    Some other tidbits of information:

    *Gun Registry IT contractor CGI funds (that’s right–FUNDS) the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, making the CACP a paid corporate lobbyist and putting the organisation into a gross conflict of interest position.

    *CGI and fellow Registry IT contractor Honeywell donated heavilly to the Chretien Liberal campaign.

    *The $2B Gun Registry was never about public safety at any cost. During their tenure, the Liberals disbanded the Ports Police, refused to arm border guards and attempted to close two RCMP crime labs, all for ‘cost reasons.’

    *Calgary’s Police Chief Rick Hansen, the OPP’s Julian Fantino and the majority of rank-and-file police officers have dismissed the Registry as worse than useless.

    *The RCMP’s ‘report’ which states that the Registry only costs $4M per year to operate is a blatant fiction. Eliminating the long-gun registry portion of the bureaucracy alone (not licensing, or Restricted/Prohibited registrations) would result in the layoff of about 200 people, the annual wage and benefit costs alone reaching into the tens of millions. Add the costs of IT contracts and planed replacements of legacy computer systems, and the long-gun portion of the Canadian Firearms Centre’s operating budget runs FAR higher than the quoted figure. Remember that the Canadian Firearms Centre once claimed $13.5M, IN ONE YEAR, on ‘travel expenses.’ The Auditor General needs to have a look at the RCMP’s accounting procedures.

    *Bell-Globemedia (CTV, The Globe and Mail) own CGI. PSAC (fighting to save those 200-odd Registry jobs) funds Rabble. Draw your own conclusions about media bias.

    *Like the old (1935 onwards) Handgun Registry, the Long-Gun Registry has the dubious destinction of having never prevented, nor solved a crime. This is why Registry proponents, like Cukier, flog the ’11,000 hits per day’ statistic, instead. Actually, this is the result of an automated protocol, by which police computers access the Canadian Firearms Centre’s computers, on everything from fender-benders, to purse-snatchings.

    *According to Canada Customs records, about HALF of the legally-acquired firearms in Canada have never been registered, and many of their owners never licensed–a staggering level of non-compliance.

    *The Firearms Centre’s database has been accessed by organised crime, leading to break and enters by criminals who have treated the Registry as a shopping list.

    *There is a database of the MILLIONS of Canadians legally able to own firearms. These people must also submit to WARRANTLESS ‘inspections,’ at firearms officers’ whims. Yet there is no database of people PROHIBITED from owning firearms, the rights of whom are protected by the Charter against warrantless searches. James Roszko was in the latter category, along with being a repeat violent sexual offender, with a smuggled, UNREGISTERED weapon.

    *Gamil Gharbi (AKA, ‘Marc Lepine’) used a firearm bought under Trudeau’s old Firearms Acquisition Certificate regime, which he modified (his clumsiness turning a semiauto rifle into a single-shot weapon) to murder young women in a mysogenistic rage inspired by his wife-beating father. Kimveer Gill did much the same thing, only with the aid of Chretien’s new and improved Posession and Acquisition Licensing and registration regime. Gill, however, never bothered to get an Authorization To Transport to bring his guns to that school. And the killers of Jane Creba–members of Kingston’s criminal diaspora, living in Jane & Finch, some of whom were on Conditional Sentences–never bothered with either licensing, or registration of their smuggled-in weapons. Here, in Calgary, a career criminal who would have been rotting in jail under Canada’s old, ‘unenlightened’ Criminal Code, shot a bystander’s eyes out. Yet the Wendy Cukiers don’t like to draw a link between post-Trudeaupian immigration and criminal justice policies and gun crime. (Prior to 1976, school shootings and drug-gang shootings of bystanders were unheard of.)

    *Meanwhile, people with no criminal records, who legally acquired firearms under the old FAC system, inherited them, or let their POLs, or PALs lapse have been subject to warrantless searches by the Toronto Police, under Chief Blair (you know, the nice guy behind all those G20 arrests). ‘Unsafe storage’ (e.g., only one lock on a ‘restricted’ firearm), or a lapsed license can land you in jail for five years–this is NOT like auto licensing, where you can simply let your license lapse, if you keep your car in the garage. Some of the people visited by Blair’s goons have included war vets.

    *However, Chief Blair and his boss, David Miller have refused to address the horrendous, and politically-incorrect gang and gun problem, in places like Jane & Finch. While happilly playing the thug with legal firearms owners and peaceful G20 protesters, Blair doffed his uniform and gun to do a kowtowing photo-op with Jane & Finch gangsters. Even though legal gun owners have faced legal harrassment, violent criminals (e.g., the one who shot Jane Creba) are rarely jailed.

    *Registration IS a prelude to civilian disarmament. The old handgun registry was used to confiscate <105mm barrelled and .32, .25 handguns, under the Campbell regime. Allan Rock, among others, have stated that they would like to see civilian firearms ownership abolished. And the handgun registry, like its British counterpart, was a response to fears of Communist and Anarchist groups threatening the Capitalist system during the first Red Scare. Licensing and registration were also employed by the Nazi regime to disarm Jews and dissidents.

    *While Cukier speaks darkly of the NRA and shadowy funding, she doesn't like to point out the fact that groups such as her Coalition For Gun Control, Project Ploughshares and other anti-gun groups are funded by donations from billionaires like George Soros and Warren Buffet, who have made fortunes off of less than ethical activities, and fear the idea of armed civilians opposed to their business agendas.

  6. Jim Pook says:

    For the record, the NRA’s constitution forbids it from operating outside of the USA. They will allow members from Canada, but they will not organize or work in Canada – or any other country outside the US.

  7. Dack says:

    Again the CBC pushes the Liberal agenda, since they are their biggest supporters,targeting their audiences in the “Big 3″, i.e. Montreal,
    Toronto, and Vancouver. It’s too bad the rest of us have to pay to listen to Peter and crew with our tax dollars. I also find it hypocritical that they are opposed to a conservative station when they are so blatantly pro-liberal. If it wasn’t for HNIC I’d say get rid of these leeches. Also as punishment all Liberals and gun registry supporters should be forced to read ALL of Margaret Atwood’s novels cover to cover. Cruel indeed!

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