Criteria to replace F-18s have not changed: Chief of Defence Staff

- November 30th, 2012
The requirements to replace Canada’s fleet of F-18s have not changed since a critical report was issued by the auditor general last spring, the country’s top soldier confirmed Thursday.
Federal ministers have told Parliament “all options are on the table,” but Chief of Defence Staff Tom Lawson told a House of Commons committee that the criteria that led to choosing the F-35 stealth fighter are still in force.
Public Works is currently in the midst of overhauling the government’s procurement process following the April report from Auditor General Michael Ferguson.

Ferguson found defence officials did not adequately inform ministers about problems with the F-35 program, and the feds underestimated expected costs and bent procurement rules.

Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose assures that a F-35 secretariat will change the way the government “does business.”

Lawson says he believes the “F-35 has superior stealth” compared to other fighters.


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  1. Richard says:

    Those F35s are most likely already obsolete, by the time the decision is made to purchase, they wil be most likely be N A .. but we have this newer better model to replace it…….. What’s the matter with drones?????? less money, and a school girl can run them… Whoops no offence meant people…. the face of war is changing like everything else.

  2. Bob says:

    What good is stealth if the aircraft has such a short range that it will necessitate refueling by an aircraft that is no where near stealth. Unless of course the only reason they are being purchased is to operate in a small theater like the middle east.

  3. johnbrooks says:

    Get the F-15 Silent Eagle.

    Twin engine, proven platform, and does the job.

  4. Chris.F says:

    Drones are a terrible idea. It takes human sacrifice out of the equasion, thus making the option of war easier to make.

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