First the Liberals, now Jamaica

- January 7th, 2012

Has Jamaica’s new government taken a page from the Young Liberals of Canada?

Not a chance, of course, but the monarchy has been in the news a lot this week.

Hot on the heels of a resolution for Canada to become a republic put forward by the young Liberals for consideration at next weekend’s Liberal biennial convention in Ottawa comes news Jamaica’s newly elected prime minister, Portia Simpson Miller, has started the process to cut her country’s ties to the British monarchy.

The Jamaica Gleaner quotes the new prime minister:

“I love the Queen. She is a beautiful lady, and apart from being a beautiful lady, a wise lady and a wonderful lady, but I think time come,” Simpson Miller said during her inaugural address as Jamaica’s new prime minister at King’s House yesterday.

Here’s a link to the government site with the official news release.

If it moves ahead with the initiative,  the Caribbean country would still remain part of the Commonwealth. According to the Royal Commonwealth Society, it was India’s desire to become a republic while remaining a Commonwealth member that forced a rethink of the rules surrounding membership in the 54-member body in 1949.

A very different story up here in Canada, however, as we gear up to celebrate the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee this year.

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