Former top Harper aide charged with influence peddling: RCMP

- July 27th, 2012

A former top advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been slapped with an influence peddling charge, the RCMP said Friday.

Bruce Carson, 66, has been charged with one count of fraud on the government. He served as Harper’s chief policy analyst and problem solver from 2006 to 2008 and returned to the prime minister’s office (PMO) briefly in 2009.

Carson is alleged to have accepted commission from a third party in connection to a government business matter.

Harper’s spokesman Andrew MacDougall said the government immediately referred the matter to the RCMP commissioner, the ethics commissioner and the lobby commissioner after it was informed of the allegations.

“Any individual who doesn’t respect our laws must face their full force as well as the consequences that come with them,” MacDougall said in a statement.

RCMP said the national police force has been investigating Carson since March 2011 after it received a referral from the PMO.

Carson is slated to appear in Ottawa court in September.

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  1. Jen says:

    And your problem is Kirsty?

    What about the forty(40)million dollars which the libs took and lost?
    What about the NDP taking money from the American union?

    I just wonder if the cpc lost 40million dollars and tooks thousands of dollars from the American union which came from the backs of innocent american workers and which is against the Election law, every media in town would be all over the news for days to come.

    So again, what’s the problem?

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