Full PMO statement on Idle No More

- December 31st, 2012

This is the statement the Prime Minister’s Office issued on Dec. 20 regarding the Idle No More movement and Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence. It was issued by Harper’s spokesman Carl Vallee and he says it still stands.

The Prime Minister hosted an historic gathering of the Crown and First Nations this past January. Since then, the Government has been working with First Nations leadership to make progress in several areas, most notably education and infrastructure on reserve. In fact, the Prime Minister met with National Chief Atleo on Nov 28 to review the progress to date and to discuss a range of issues.

The Government remains willing to work with Chief Spence, and all chiefs, to deliver better outcomes for First Nations communities.

Minister Duncan has offered to meet with Chief Spence but has not as yet received a response from her.

Parliamentary Secretary Rickford has also asked to visit Attawapiskat to see first-hand the improvements made on this particular reserve, including the construction of new modular homes.

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  1. Joyce says:

    eeeeeeee (full comment from a Nish in response to Harper’s fakeness)

  2. kevin says:

    We must stop these terrorist who hold us hostage. It is against the law to block roads or railways. Can I go on a hunger strike to protest what I think is wrong with the government? you want to hurt our economy by blocking railways…. wake up!!! out economy is your economy. your doing nothing but inconveniencing people who maybe would have been on your side. If I was ever blocked in an illegal protest, I would be angry and instead of supportive

  3. Ron says:

    Harper is Canada’s version of George Dubya, Bush… typical rhetoric, nothing’s changed…he does not address the root of this entire issue… the passing the ominbus C-45 through without using the democratic process… the only reason he made an effort to demonstrate working with First Nations, is because of Chief Spence’s state of emergency crisis in the first place…. IDLE NO MORE

  4. Anne says:

    If the Amish, the Hutterites, the Mennonites can be successful without government handouts, why can’t the Natives. The mentioned groups do NOT receive FREE land, education, health care, housing, resources, or special status.

  5. Falconetti says:

    Kevin … thank you standing up and taking notice of the Idle No More movement. That means it’s working. Joe Taxpayer’s ( or Kevin ) quaint,quiet little lifestyles is being interrupted by those terrorists! Write to your MP! Write to your MPP! Tell them to stop this nonsense and get back to the table with Canada’s First People’s ( or terrorists in your words) and solve this. Honor those treaties their forefathers and mine have signed. By the way … isn’t blocking roads and other ways of transport the same thing a Union or people protesting causes do. Being civilly disobedient? Unions don’t like you crossing a picket line ( usually a road ) hence hurting someone’s economy. And where’s the public outcry when that happens?

  6. Preston Twoyoungmen says:

    Lets not forget that this is our land, everyone else came from somewhere. Blocking roads, train lines, powerlines, water supplys, etc is one effective yet damning way to gain attention. If, ‘your’ elementary education was not so blatenly withheld from you, then you would know and understand the truth. Sadly it was and now you dont understand. If we were to calculate all that was owed to us it would break this country. 50000 murdered and missing women and children over 150 years. True our chiefs are as useless as most canadians education about indians and i urge everyone to urge their protesters to protest them as well. Dont let them run around, keep in their homes, force them to make governmental changes on reserves.

  7. Doug Marcoux says:

    I am truly amused by these constant threats and actions by first nation.
    blocking rail, roads and inconveniencing others is not exactly a way to make friends and influencing others.
    Me, I sat behind a lineup of trucks up in Fort St James BC for days because
    Indians that were not band members were allowed by the chief to voice their concerns.
    Although I was really pi**ed off and wanted to go through the blockade, I decided to protest in a way that that hurt that band. I, stopped buying gas, cigs and anything else from the Necoslie Band.
    I also brought a number of friends on board. And they don’t buy there anymore.
    My little protest. To get even I believe costs the band and it’s members a loss of more than 10,000 a year between me and my buddies.
    If the police can’t do what is needed, maybe $$$$$$$ can !

    Just getting even without inconveniencing others.

  8. kevin says:

    Falconetti… This “movement” is making people take notice but for all the wrong reasons. Do you honestly think that anyone delayed in the rail blockade are going to support you? Maybe the people affected by the northern rail blockade which supplies fuel for heating houses, particularly in rural areas, will support you.

    The only letter I’ll write to my MP will be to encourage them NOT to meet with the first nation peoples while the terrorists continue their illegal blockades. I am not saying that all aboriginal people are terrorists, only the ones who hold civilians hostage.

    The native blockades are nothing like union picket lines, when has a union ever blocked rail passengers trying to get home after Christmas vacation, or a railway primarly used to transport heating fuel to northern communities? How about Caledonia when two law enforcement officers had their car stolen after they were forcefully removed from it? The same “peaceful” protest had a hydro tower knocked over and dragged across the road and a car being driven into a power facility. How about Ipperwash, I was camping there with my family during the early stages of that “peaceful” protest. I was only a child but I remember a older car full of natives drinking and driving erratically around the campground, spinning tires and throwing gravel up at peoples trailers. None of this is even close to union tactics, not even close.

    Preston… I am unsure, but if you are native there is a good chance that I have more education than you.. lol. Please do not insult my intelligence, I am not attacking you or your band, I am simply stating facts. Lets not forget that this is not YOUR land, this land belongs to all Canadians. Every native has the same rights as any other Canadian, they even have an advantage with lower taxes, educational grants and so on. Why do the native people continue to rely on government handouts when they have every avenue open to them to become self sufficient? The only thing wrong with the governemt is the fact that they continue to give into your demands. I truly hope that Harper does NOT give in. If the government gives into these terrorist tactics then the terrorists will continue to use them. It has to stop now!

  9. Steve says:

    Civil action in its various forms is a way to draw attention to a problem and to educate people on an issue. When our media is controlled by media corporations and government quietly passes laws (China-Trade Agreement), how else are people supposed to be alerted to issues that concern many of us?
    Most people are lulled and don’t give a shit..there are laws and trade deals passed through Parliament that keep things like cigarettes, alcohol, materials, etc expensive and wages low. We’re a supposedly rich country with many resources, and gas, oil and lumber is expensive and many can’t afford to buy a house. There’s something wrong with this.

    Thankfully, some people are paying attention!

  10. Cara says:

    Kevin… before you suggest that no one on the delayed train would support Idle No More, I suggest you read this: http://hackertourism.com/post/39268902391/democracy-is-hard

    Or search Twitter and see the number of people on that train saying: “Train is now moving! As we waited for Belleville blockade, the only complaints I heard were about @pmharper. #idlenomore”
    “Currently standing still in a train in Belleville and feeling excited about the number of conversation taking place around #idlenomore”
    “Stuck on train in Kingston due to First Nation protest blocking the tracks. I don’t blame them. Gov needs to deal with this. #IdleNoMore”
    “Great suggestion from my employer to write the PM while waiting on our idle train #IdleNoMore #blockade”

    Why would you assume that all Canadians would respond the way you do?

  11. Wayne says:

    It is time that mainstream society recognizes that other people have rights. Canada is not some economic toy of the rich. If our country has come to the point where everything is about the debt, world trade, the financial cliff, and profit then we have lost our way. We spend billions on war and nothing on peace. We spend billions on bailing out banks and car companies but do not spend nearly what we need to bring economic equality to our citizens. We turn away refugees who will die without our help only to bring in a slave immigration working class to serve our capitalists. Over the past few hundred years our greed has destroyed one of the most vibrant and peaceful civilizations in the world. We should all be ashamed of our pitiful record.

  12. Jane Patrick says:

    Amen, Wayne. I agree wholeheartedly. I am ashamed quite often these days, to admit I am a Canadian.

  13. mayerana says:

    Harper has some very bad political and public relations advisors… but it’s not surprising as he’s maintained a certain public position over the years and doesn’t have the leadership skills to recognize impact. As a result HIS resistance to show up is fuelling an international solidarity movement against HIS government… People want to meet… he’s elected by the people and he needs to show up and talk. Remember when Princess Diana died and the Queen didn’t show up… for days? It was out of protocol to do so but eventually she had to. All I’m saying is just show up! And get on with it. But then I’m usually very good at predicting these things… Harper will be only known to have the personality of a wasp drunk with seasonal change… staggering about but thinking he is flying in a straight line.

  14. Garry says:

    Time for PM Harper to step up immediately before the situation becomes dramatic and he is left with nothing but regret. Huger strikes are a legitimate way of protesting used in europe and asia for thousands of years. The shame is that this one has been going on so long with no response. Look what happened to Thatcher and the tragedy that ensued when she ignored hunger strikers.

  15. Falconetti says:

    Kevin .. if the Natives were in the campground while you were there then they probably paid to be in there. Ipperwash had a front gate, with Park employees there, you had to pass through just like any other provincial park. After Labor day , the park was officially closed and then the protesters were let in with the park superintendent giving them the keys to the buildings that were needed for operations like the water system. In March 1996 ( just months after the Ipperwash crisis) OPSEU clashed with police. The end result .. an inquiry was called immediately by Ernie Eves. No one was killed there ,the killer charged and convicted, not like Ipperwash. And no inquiry was called for for almost 8 years later. Pity what the Natives have to put up with to this day.

  16. Alex Dickson says:

    Very disappointed about the “Idle No More” movement.

    I thought it meant they were going to go out and get jobs rather than collecting gov’t handouts!

    Too bad!

  17. Don says:

    I am glad to see that the aboriginal people are taking maters in their own hands and making sure their people and the younger generation are not sitting around idle no more and are not waiting for more hand outs from government but are teaching the next generation to stand up and make something of themselves not blaming all their problems on the past .. its like the Jews blaming the Germans for how hard done by they are stop sitting idle and make a better life for your self yes it takes work and effort but most things do … STOP SITTING IDLE

  18. David says:

    If this is the case, we all have something to fear, our constitution goes out the window with our human rights and etc. This not just a treaty issues or Aboriginal issue, but national issues concerning all Canadian of many creed. Shame on the harper government!

  19. Chris Peter says:

    In this two-hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary of the Royal Proclamation of 1763 it is time to take stock and analyze just how far the present Canadian government has diverged from Canadian constitutional legal precedent. It speaks volumes that Prince William and Duchess Kate chose to visit the burned out homeless Cree in Slave Lake on their Royal visit rather than mingle with beef-fattened Tory MP’s at a Calgary barbeque.

    Harper can continue to ignore the Constitution of Canada at his peril. When the collective unconscious of the Nation, of which he is seemingly oblivious, rises up against him it will be too late to save this unaware government from destruction by the legally constituted Constitutional forces it has chosen to ignore.

  20. JL says:

    I agreed to an extent with the movements message, but frankly these people are now in the process of intentionally disrupting the Canadian economy. Blocking highways and rail lines is domestic terrorism. That my friends is a fact. This kind of disruption is only going to bring out the worst in people. Someone could get hurt or worse…. If you have a problem you deal with it in a lawful manor. That’s not optional.

  21. betty says:

    harper should not give in to their demands as it will be a future avenue for all people to follow in this direction. all treaty nations need to look after their own people and stop the blame of years past compensation has been given and now take responsibility for yourselves no one gives me any handouts i pay taxes and need to pay my own way if they say this is their land them let them pay taxes and all of the rest of the canadians then should not have to pay taxes then the country would be in shambles this country of canada belongs to all canadians for we pay taxes so of the native people want canada as theirs start to pay taxes like everyone else the best thing harper could do is empose a tax for the treaty people so the country do not go bamkrupt so my question to the native population is this if there is no more money to give from the government what will you do work and pay tax to provide for your family or go on a hunger strike what happened yrs ago is gone none of us suffer for it we have the best and should appreciate the blessings we have

  22. Alex Dickson says:

    Well now – Isn’t this wukin fonderful!

    Chief Spence and her gang have little to show in terms of records to identify where MILLIONS of dollars went in the last year or so!

    She says she won’t let this distract from her efforts on the “Idle no more” front.

    Don’t look at that man behind the curtain – he’s not important – as in the Wizard of Oz.

    Nice job, Spence, great smoke and mirrors job!

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