Health minister won’t act on Tory MP’s cell tower concerns

- June 20th, 2012

Tory MP Terence Young wants cell towers in his riding removed because they could endanger constituents’ health but his caucus colleague – Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq – isn’t springing to action.
Young sounded the safety alarm in the Commons last week and recently wrote a letter to constituents about concerns linked to cell towers located in his riding of Oakville, Ont.
“Bell Canada has placed powerful antennae 11 metres from a child’s bedroom and over the heads of our fighters and refuses to remove them,” Young said. “This is intolerable.I say to the president of Bell Canada, Mr. George Cope: Tear down those antennae.”
Bell Canada maintains it is complying with federal guidelines though Young has also called for a review of existing rules.
Aglukkaq, however, did not suggest the government is going to act immediately when pressed at a Tuesday news conference.
“Our position has always been to respond with the latest science,” Aglukkaq said. “If there was new information, we would review that. We continue to work with the latest information that is available and make our decisions based on that.”
In May 2011, the World Health Organization classified electromagnetic radiation -the waves emitted by all wireless devices – as possibly carcinogenic but the government hasn’t moved to update safety guidelines about cell phones, towers or Wi-Fi since then.
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission, on the other hand, has recently asked for review of the agency’s stance on radiofrequency energy emitted from cell phones because of safety concerns.
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski called for a formal inquiry into the mobile phone emissions standards set in 1996.
-with files from Reuters

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