Martha Hall Findlay raised $30,000 in late 2012 in final push to pay off ’06 leadership debt

- February 7th, 2013

It seems Martha Hall Findlay isn’t in second place when it comes to leadership contest fundraising. Last week, seven of the nine current contestants released their totals for fundraising in the final quarter of 2012.

Alice Funke, who runs the Pundits Guide blog, crunched the raw numbers released by Elections Canada.

It shows that perceived frontrunner  Justin Trudeau is in fact way ahead of his rivals when it comes to bringing in the cash – he raised nearly 60% of the totals.

Hall Findlay came in second with just shy of $150,000 – or 13% of the totals. But not all that cash was raised for the 2013 race to head the federal Liberals.

According to a statement from her spokeswoman:

With regards to the fundraising totals from last quarter, approximately $30,000 of that was raised specifically to pay down the debt from the last campaign. Since those funds were designated for the 2006 leadership race, those donations will not affect the ability of any donors to contribute to this leadership race.

That puts Hall Findlay just behind – but essentially neck-and-neck  – with Liberal MP Marc Garneau. Garneau’s campaign managed to raise just over $122,000.

Findlay has paid off all the debt she incurred during the 2006 race. A number of the contestants struggled to pay off their campaign debt from that race, blaming retroactive changes brought in by the Conservative government that limited donations to $1,100 per person for a given leadership race. That’s down from $5,400.

Hall Findlay’s former caucus colleague, Vancouver MP Hedy Fry, is also still fundraising to pay off 2006 debt, getting over $8,000 in donations in the 2012 Q4 period.




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  1. Jen says:

    What about the other lib mps who still owe the elections canada: like Dryden (the goalie), or how about Mulclair and few other ndp mps who owe EC?

  2. Jen says:

    O/T, To any of you at SNN, what is Elizabeth May doing in Washington DC, talking about THE PIPELINES?
    Why aren’t you on her case since she was the one who went to Copenhagen to talk against the oilsands pollution yet remained silent to other countries’ very own pollution like Venezuela’s which I must say, is received warmly by BCers and Elizabeth May without a peep.

    Alberta’s oilsands is the MOST REGULATED INDUSTRY IN THE WORLD.

  3. Jen says:

    O/T, How did Elizabeth May get to WashingtonDC without using oil and gas. She has so far produce not one iota of how she will live without using oil that comes from Venezuela into the BC ports.

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