Martin Cauchon goes negative, Bertschi loses campaign director

- March 8th, 2013

Liberal leadership hopeful Martin Cauchon is telling supporters it’s a bad idea to get into bed with the NDP – a party he warns is filled with sovereigntists and socialists – even though his rival Joyce Murray says her idea of cooperating with the New Democrats and the Greens in 2015 to boot the Conservatives from power would only be a “one night stand.”

After taking a potshots Friday at both Murray and the New Democrats, he sent out a second release condemning candidate Marc Garneau for his “elitism.”

Also in Friday afternoon Liberal leadership news, Liberal long-shot candidate David Bertschi’s  national campaign director jumped ship to Murray’s campaign. His new manager said Bertschi would fight to the finish.

In a release, Chalmers said: “I admire Joyce Murray and her campaign for the Leadership of the Liberal Party. We worked together on the Stéphane Dion leadership campaign. She has a real opportunity to win this contest and I look forward to contributing in any way I can.”

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Over the course of this campaign for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, I’ve met many liberal-minded Canadians who are disturbed by the idea of cooperation with the NDP in particular. Those who support this idea insist that it’s the only way to bring home a victory in the next election.

Since I launched my new website,, I’ve received an alarming number of comments from people who are troubled by this prospect, even if it would only come into effect at election time. Their concerns have been echoed by the vast majority of members and supporters I’ve met over the last few weeks.

Liberals from across the country are uneasy about this proposed agreement and, in my opinion, with good reason.

First, failing to present a Liberal candidate in a particular riding that the NDP apparently has a better chance of winning, thus forcing people to vote for another party, would deny voters their right to choose, thus trampling on a fundamental principle of our democratic system.

Second, the NDP is a member of the Socialist International and does not share the same values as the Liberal Party of Canada. As well, since the last federal election, the NDP has been infiltrated by significant number of Quebec sovereigntists. The recent defection of NDP MP Claude Patry to the ranks of the Bloc Québécois is a telling example of this. More defections of this kind are to be expected.

Third, the result of such an agreement would almost inevitably be a minority government, difficult to manage and inherently unstable.

Last but not least, Thomas Mulcair has clearly stated that he is fundamentally opposed to the idea of cooperation with the Liberal Party. What Mr. Mulcair wants isn’t an alliance with the Liberals, but the disappearance of the Liberal Party of Canada from the Canadian political arena. We must not allow his wish to be granted!

To be sure, we all want to see Stephen Harper’s Conservative government replaced.  Together, we have a mission to rebuild our party in order to offer Canadians a real alternative. I believe in the Liberal Party of Canada and in our capacity to develop innovative, progressive and pragmatic policies, consistent with our values, in order to win back the hearts of Canadians.

Throughout this leadership race, I have made it clear that I am fiercely opposed to the idea of eventual cooperation with the other opposition parties come the next election. I’d love to hear your opinions on the subject.

Would you be prepared to vote for a socialist, Green, or sovereigntist candidate, if the Liberal Party of Canada didn’t present a candidate in your riding?


Martin Cauchon, a candidate to the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, was stunned to hear that, on the evening of March 7th, Marc Garneau had conducted a telephone survey in the name of the Liberal Party of Canada, during which he asked respondents to choose from among a group of only four candidates as to who they wanted to see elected as Liberal leader.

“What happened to the other four candidates? Are they so far beneath the former astronaut that they don’t even deserve to be included in his poll?” wondered Martin Cauchon, whose has worked to be as inclusive as possible in his campaign. “Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Mr. Garneau ignores the other worthy candidates involved in this race. Just last week, he made headlines by proposing a one-on-one debate with Justin Trudeau, in an attempt to position himself as the de facto number two in the current leadership race.  In doing so, Garneau has shown us not only that he has no respect for the Party’s democratic process, but that he couldn’t care less about what the other candidates in this campaign have to say,” declared Martin Cauchon.

This week, Garneau’s divisive tactics are again in evidence, as demonstrated by the biased poll that his team conducted across the country seemingly on behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada, from a phone number originating from Marc Garneau’s own campaign office.

“I understand if Marc Garneau does not want to engage with me, since he spends his time attacking Justin Trudeau for his lack of experience, while I’m the only one in this race who has experience in government that Garneau quite simply lacks,” said Martin Cauchon. “The fact that he is trying to head me off is fair – I can’t blame him. What worries me, however, is his unfortunate attempt to influence voters’ opinions by simply writing off the other candidates. Even worse, Marc Garneau willingly decided to present this survey as originating directly from the Liberal Party of Canada. It is as if he already considers himself leader, speaking on behalf of a party that eliminates those candidates that it deems undesirable.”

“I am therefore obliged to remind Mr. Garneau that the election hasn’t been decided yet, and that he certainly won’t end up leader of the Liberal Party of Canada by resorting to such tactics,” concluded Martin Cauchon.

The Garneau campaign has yet to respond to Cauchon’s letter.

*UPDATE: Garneau’s team says the field survey wasn’t attributed to the Liberal Party and clearly stated it was from his campaign, , but did confirm respondents were asked to choose their first pick for a new leader and were given the choice between Justin Trudeau, Marc Garneau, Martha Hall Findlay and Joyce Murray.

“We are focusing on these individuals because our information shows that they are the top four contenders in this race,” said Garneau’s  spokeswoman in an email.


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  1. Jen says:

    No mater what, the NDP still has the ‘deal’ signed in agreement by the liberals, ndp and bloc to try overthrow the sitting government.
    No matter what each lib mp says, the ndp will use them for the ndp’s own survival and to power with the libs in front.

    Obvolously, the ndp and libs bloc coalition parties are not going to broaden their tete tete to the public like Dion did when he signed the coalition agreement. But, they are no doubt today date working with each other behind close doors to ‘overthrow the conservative government.

    This has nothing to do for the ‘love of Canada’ this is strictly for ‘power’.

    If the reporters can’t see this happening before their very eyes now then you can imagine later.

    Chaucon came from a party that stole from the canadian public which they have yet to return a dime.

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