MP questions value of Via Rail

- July 23rd, 2012

1297239578610_ORIGINALConservative MP Brent Rathgeber has found another issue that might draw a mild rebuke (or behind-the-scenes praise?) from the Prime Minister’s Office. Rathgeber took a trip aboard a Via Rail train in Alberta recently. While he seems to have enjoyed the trip immensely, Rathgeber also blogged his thoughts on the value of Via from a taxpayer perspective. He writes:

“Why does the federal government own and operate a passenger train service? The answer is not immediately self-evident.”

Check out the full posting here.

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  1. Archer Foster says:

    With all due respect Mr. Rathgeber, would you rather sell Via to the Chinese?
    Seems you conservatives are intent on stripping Canada of everything Canadian. What will be next I wonder.

  2. gordon hoselton says:

    Another mp lost in the wilderness of soggy brains and limp ideas…. Via holds the nation together. Talk with the real people of Canada, not other mps….the elite class of Canada.

  3. jeff says:

    ARRRGGG. The problem with Via Rail isnt that it isnt viable. Its that instead of a mode of transport they have turned it into a tourist coach. It runs so little and is so expensive that no even considers it for trips.

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