Mulcair rallies team to fight Harper

- June 7th, 2012

Thomas Mulcair preached to the converted Thursday to help train NDP employees to take on the Tories.

Hundreds of NDP faithful are in Ottawa for three-days of paid team building this week and the boss had a message to staffers.

Mulcair says the behind-the-scenes team, largely responsible for working in MPs offices, will help the NDP form government in three years.

No one should ever doubt that you are up to the task…You will be the framework on which we will build the first New Democratic, the first social democratic government, in Canadian history.

The NDP continues to be at odds with government about its 325-page budget which contains changes to the age of eligibility for Old Age Security, environmental assessment reviews, and rules surrounding employment insurance.

Mulcair has also accused the Conservatives of moving towards a two-tier health care system.

We are heading towards privatization…We know what’s ahead…we will make sure Canadians know about it and are very concentrated on it.

The Tories, however, accuse the Opposition of plotting to increase the size of government and bolster taxes.

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  1. dan lynch says:

    2 tier health system ask mr mulcair if he ever brought a family member to france for surgery because he couldnt get served fast enough in canada? tell him to think back to the time when he was in the charest government

  2. Yvonne says:

    QUOTE-1: “help the NDP form government in three years.” Correction—it isn’t 3-years but 300-years.

    QUOTE-2: “Mulcair preached to the converted Thursday to help train NDP employees to take on the Tories.” Sounds like Mulcair’s NDP employees are trained monkeys.

  3. Jen says:

    Dan Lynch, don’t expect any reporter to seek Mulclair to ask him on quick medical attention in France.
    Why? too chichen sh*t to do so.

    Only the PM and his ministers are constantly under the reporters survilleance.

    In truth, we the public and the cpc are more criticized than the ndp libs and or coalition mps ever will be.I

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