New top general’s top job? Dealing with budget constraints

- October 29th, 2012

Canada’s new chief of defence staff, Gen. Tom Lawson, has a tough job ahead of him. During a ceremony that saw Lawson take over from Gen. Walt Natynczyk, Prime Minister Stephen Harper pointedly reminded the new CDS the military needs “more teeth and less tail. That’s a phrase former Lt.-Gen. Andrew Leslie used in a 2011 report about saving money by cutting Ottawa desk jobs and finding other efficiencies.

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  1. Tom Louks says:

    I am appalled by the negative statement being made by our National Newscasters, to our Veterans who sacrificed life and limb for this Country. Their consorted refusal to wear Poppies during their newscasts is disgraceful. Every year television personalities send a huge reminder to citizens by displaying their Poppies throughout the campaign which began on Saturday.

  2. Tom Louks says:

    I should comment that my comment regarding the Newscasters not wearing Poppies was speaking directly to CTV and Global. I was pleased to see that Sun Media had their poppies proudly on display.

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