Obama will push for cap-and-trade plan: Mulcair

- November 7th, 2012

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair says he is convinced the Obama administration will reignite its push for a cap-and-trade system in the second term – a “polluter pays” plan he advocates.

“I think there is a lot of hope for the future now that (Obama) has a new term… He talked eloquently and passionately about coming to grips with the issue of climate change,” Mulcair told reporters on Wednesday while reacting to election results.

“Don’t be surprised if you see them coming forward with something they have talked about in the past … which is a cap-and-trade system.”

Mulcair said an American cap-and-trade system would be a “very good thing for the planet” and future generations would benefit from the emission-trading system.

In his first term, President Barack Obama put a cap-and-trade plan in his first budget. The legislation passed in the House of Representatives but the Senate did not make progress on the bill a year later. After Republicans won a majority and gained seats in the House, Obama publicly admitted the bill couldn’t pass.

Mulcair is hopeful, however, that a second term for Obama will also mean a “new era” for the policy.
Under a cap-and-trade system, government sets a cap on emissions and assigns companies carbon credits which can be auctioned or swapped among firms.

The cost of credits is set at market value and companies exceeding caps would be forced to pay a penalty.

Conservatives have spent weeks hammering the NDP for its cap-and-trade plan, suggesting the system will mean a “tax on everything.”

The Conservatives had a cap-and-trade plan built into the 2008 election platform but the party has abandoned the proposal, citing it would drive up taxes and harm the Canadian economy.

Many environmental groups have called for a cap-and-trade system to combat climate change.

The NDP’s 2011 election platform centred around generating $3.6 billion in cap-and trade-revenue, but former leader Jack Layton wouldn’t specify at the time how his platform would be affected if the money was not there.

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  1. Bob G says:

    So a cap and trade would make money? then how is it a help to the earth and climent change again?

  2. Kevin S says:

    Cap-and-Trade or a carbon tax means one thing – more money in the feds coffers, which they can then spend any way they want. It’s a MONEY GRAB – pure and simple – despite what those sorry old things in the EU Parliament may say.

    As for climate change – the climate has been changing since the day the planet was created.

    The “green” movement seems to accomplish little except to spend taxpayer dollars like there is no tomorrow. Still waiting to hear of any smashing (cost effective) successes in that area. Obama’s and McGuinty’s efforts appear to be nothing but bottomless money pits. Oh, it does cause a lot of exasperation to the average person, such as sorting garbage and paying though the nose for gasoline.

    I’ve noticed that those in the cc “industry” seem to be spend a lot of time at “conferences” in very exotic locations. Do they ever look at their own carbon footprint? I see that Gore, Bloomberg and a number of the rock stars and actors – all vocal in support of cc – all fly around in their own private aircraft.

    The gist of fighting this so called cc problem is that the industrialized world should pay the rest of the world for…….???? And, of course, two of the world’s biggest polluters, China and India, would not only be exempt from paying, but would instead be the recipient of money. Go figure.

    How old is the “science” of Climatolgy? There suddenly seems to be a lot Climatologists about. Remember, these “experts” only discovered El Nino and La Nina about 30 years ago, and are still studying the affects. I’m not sure how we are running into all these “100 year events” when reliable weather data is not much older than that. But don’t let the lack of real data interfere with all that extrapolating.

    Too sum up – CAP-AND-TRADE or CARBON TX = MONEY GRAB by the Feds.

  3. jen says:

    Not only does Mulclair want cap and trade he also wants TWO BUDGETS. one for Canada and one for Quebec.

    Quebec has resources and instead of developing them, I am convinced that Mulclair wants to keep it so in the ground while they live off the resources from other provinces. That’s right, live off the other provinces resources as they have for decades and to double their income for their unions and social programs and friends, the NDP Mulclair imo wants to add the ‘cap and trade’ system.

    Mulclair is all for QUEBEC and Quebec alone.

    How much do the people of Quebec pay for hydro bills? I am positive it is next to nothing and so he would want the same ‘freeness’ with Alberta oil going to the Eastern part of Canada.

  4. dave777 says:

    Not in above. Mulcair is a talk a lot politician and minority leader in the government. That is, what he says has zero meaning until in at least until the next election. He is a citizen of France and Canada.

    His words do not represent the majority of Canadians and not the current governemtn fo Canada.

  5. Leon says:

    How does ‘trading emissions’ reduce them?? If countries are serious about reducing emissions, they should outlaw them entirely. Then see what happens to your job.

  6. George says:

    Luckily, the Republicans control the House again. Obama won’t be able to pass anything, including any of these environmental scams.

  7. Informed Voter says:

    It is apparent that we have some folks here who know little to nothing about science, especially that involving the climate. The climate is changing, the data proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. The research also clearly shows humans are playing a key role in this happening. The data also proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt. There is no more point discussing these two points than discussing whether the earth is flat or the whether the holocaust is real. The discussion needs to be about what do we do about the reality of a changing climate. Cap and trade and carbon taxes are two different, although potentially complimentary, approaches to mitigating the problem. Most progressive economists favour a carbon tax as being the more effective of the two, but it’s better to push cap and trade than nothing at all. Stephen Harper, Mitt Romney and other climate change deniers live in a fantasy anti-science, and infinite growth world, a world not based on economic or ecological realities. I encourage all opposition parties to work together, but on the issue of climate let Elizabeth May lead the way.

  8. Freedom Man says:

    Crap and Trade. Another scam to make Al Gorleoni more rich. Sea levels must be rising. Why would Al buy a $15,000,000 mansion in Malibu on the seashore. All you hear these days is the Arctic ice caps melting. True, but satellite photos from the past 30 years show the Antarctic is growing 1% a year. Of course when the ice sheets expand large chunks break off, then the global warming cult and the CBC goe into a tizzy.

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