Religious persecution on the rise in Mali

- January 14th, 2013

RE_2012_09_11T133632Z_01_MALI04_RTRMDNP_3_MALI_CRISIS_SHARIA_JPAs Canada prepares to help French forces staring down Islamist forces in Mali (see here for the full story), we’re learning more about just how much those Islamists have changed Mali since last March. For decades, Mali was known as an oasis of tolerance and a fairly stable country in a rather turbulent part of the world. That all changed in the wake of a military coup and resulting power vacuum that Islamists exploited.

Since taking over a large swath of Mali, Islamists have begun to impose Sharia law in areas they control, according to Reuters. The picture at the top of this blog shows a church in Mali looted by Islamists last September. As Reuters also reports, the non-demoninational Christian group Open Doors has put Mali, for the first time, on its list of countries where Christians face the most severe persecution.  You can see that list here.

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  1. franc black says:

    You got stock in the companies poised to help with the resource extraction, or do you actually care about the black Africans?


  2. Daniel Proussalidis says:

    What an odd comment. Not sure what you’re implying, but I think the post speaks for itself. Religious persecution is on the rise in Mali, as documented by Reuters and various organizations familiar with the situation on the ground.

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