Russians slam Canada over Quebec protest arrests

- May 22nd, 2012

The  student strike and protests in Montreal have caught the eye not just of the ROC but the Russians as well.

And the Ruskies are none too pleased with how the student protesters have been treated.

From The Voice of Russia:

The Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed concern over reports of violation of protesters’ rights in the United States and Canada.

The Foreign Ministry Ombudsman, Konstantin Dolgov, has levelled criticism at the mass arrests of Occupy Wall Street movement activists in Chicago and university students in Montreal, amid disproportionate use of force and riot control agents despite the fact that the protests were peaceful in character, particularly at the beginning. Dolgov voiced hope that the US and Canadian authorities will in future exercise maximum restraint in dealing with peaceful protests.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also hopes that the response by the US and Canadian authorities to peaceful protests will be ‘responsible’ and in compliance with these countries’ commitments under international law.

A sharp-eyed colleague pointed out this Wall Street Journal article  highlighting that the current Russian government is hardly a bastion for upholding the rights of  protesters.

It includes the following two paragraphs:

Two young movement leaders, Alexei Navalny and Sergei Udaltsov, were arrested on May 6 and are still in jail on 15-day sentences. They’ve been charged with “violently resisting arrest,” even though several videos of the arrest show Mr. Navalny with his hands in the air shouting, “Don’t resist! Don’t resist!”

Naturally, the court has forbidden the admission of any video evidence in the case.




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