That’s some bluff

- September 3rd, 2012

I don’t expect the PQ will get anywhere near government in tomorrow’s election. But even if I’m completely thoroughly wrong and Pauline Marois becomes premier, do you think she’ll have any leverage to demand anything from the feds? Nah, me neither.

MONTREAL - Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois said that if elected, she will demand a meeting with the federal government within the first few weeks of forming a provincial government.

And if Marois doesn’t like what she hears from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Quebecers will have more reasons to split from the country.

She told reporters Friday in Gatineau, Que., just across the river from Ottawa, that a PQ government would demand Ottawa repatriate several powers to Quebec, in areas of language, culture, and unemployment insurance.

“I will be polite, but I will be firm,” Marois said.

If you think this scares Stephen Harper… Oh, who am I kidding? Nobody’s daffy enough to believe her bluff, right?

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  1. bill g says:

    i hope you are right but if polls are to be believed the rest of canada are going to have problems.i do trust prime minister mr harper to have courage to tell marois to take along walk on a short pier bg

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