- February 27th, 2013

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they respond to being challenged.

Those with courage of conviction and the confidence that comes with real intellect will back their positions and rise to the occasion. Those whose sense of ego is mightier than their strength of character will retreat, resort to insults or not respond altogether.

So when David Suzuki – environmental guru, would-be benevolent dictator and all-around perfect human  – arrived in Ottawa Tuesday evening to tell a church filled with a paying audience what a sustainable future looks like, he shocked his own loyal supporters by aggressively refusing to speak with this reporter and a cameraman (who’d only arrived after a media release about the event from the Green Party was sent to the national press corps).

When we first arrived we were welcomed, asked how long we’d like with the good doctor and where we should set up our shot. When it was revealed we represented Sun News, we were no longer welcome.

David Suzuki didn’t just refuse to speak to us. He refused to appear altogether, sending a handful of hostile event organizers to remove us from the premises. They would, eventually, but not before creating a real drama in front of a real audience that exposed the real nature of David Suzuki.

After much debate and my reiterating I would be staying to ask a question, one of the event-organizers-turned-Suzuki-mandated-attack-dogs turned to the sizable crowd, incensed that I wouldn’t leave quietly, and yelled for someone to call 911 – help!  A reporter is trying to do her job!

No one did anything except Green Party leader Elizabeth May (who was at the event as a moderator) who got up, ran across the floor and pleaded for me to be allowed to stay, yelling to the organizer:  “Only Rob Ford calls 911 on the media!”

Then she gave me a hug.

Suzuki never showed his face. The man who believes he leads by example, illuminates inconvenient truths and feels righteously empowered to bring down those he feels do wrong, refuses to be held to account. His critics, he believes, should be silenced.

This is the ugly side of David Suzuki.

The hypocrite. The narcissist. The man who has become what he hates.

For someone who’s made a living trying to foster various dialogues, the list of those David Suzuki refuses to talk to is clear: anyone who doesn’t love him is on it.

He’d have his followers believe anyone who questions him hates the environment, denies climate change, wants the polar bears to die, slowly. For posterity, I fit none of those categories, but all David Suzuki knows about me is I work for Sun News, and so I’m out.

Lots of people hate Sun News. That’s something we at the network can live with. Sometimes we do things some people don’t like. One of those things would be taking the not-so- infallible David Suzuki to task for oh, I don’t know, his often exorbitant speaking fees (about on par with Justin Trudeau’s), his bizarre and dubious demands for a “nicely dressed”, all-female entourage to take him from his hotel to the John Abbot College where he spoke for an hour last October (for $30,000). Or his endorsing Joyce Murray in the Liberal leadership race despite being an on-air personality at the CBC, which has clear rules that its on-air personalities remain politically neutral.

David Suzuki encourages curiosity, critical thinking, questioning the world around you. Just don’t question him.

Were David Suzuki a stronger, smarter man, he would face Sun News; give himself the opportunity to have his voice heard on a network whose viewers don’t always agree with him. But he’d rather preach to the converted.

In refusing to answer legitimate questions, he exposed his own hypocrisy in front of an audience that wants to love him. That’s the real nature of things with David Suzuki. And it’s only an inconvenient truth for him.

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  1. Richard Wakefield says:

    “Lots of people hate Sun News. That’s something we at the network can live with. ”

    No, you should be PROUD if that!! If they hate you you are doing the right thing. Keep it up!!

  2. Trevor says:


    Good! I wouldn’t talk to the Sun either. Nothing but a CON rag that posts pictures of almost naked 19 year olds. Classy Sun ;) But I’m sure the office psychopaths love it !!

  3. Jay says:

    If I was anybody important or famous, I wouldn’t talk to a Fox “News” employee either.

    Oh wait, Sun “News”? You must mean the Sun tabloid paper right–is the Sun TV network still broadcasting??

    I just think that if you chose to work somewhere respectable you might have had a better shot at talking to him.

  4. Ms. Hume; You are fast becoming my fav journalist/writer in Canada and sun news is really the only choice for canadians that do not want to listen to recycled pre-packaged left wing rhetoric. Also ….i so love your bangs!!
    All The best
    C. Hastings, MA,
    Toronto Canada
    (please excuse the generic emailadress, i am supposed to be working on this PC..ha!)

  5. Soren Antosz says:

    Hi Jessica,
    Perhaps I can shed a bit of perspective on the situation last night, as it’s obvious you’re missing some of the background.
    Sun News has a long-running reputation for taking any sort of fact and skewing it into a sensation, and disregarding any sort of reality for the sake of selling papers.
    For example, Charles Adler once attempted to draw a parallel between teaching children to recycle and extremist fundamentalists teaching children to be suicide-bombers. His argument was that schools were “brainwashing” children. Some might call that teaching. I suppose along the same line we also “brainwash” our children with mathematics and social studies etc.
    Brian Lilley also regularly bashes the environmental movement, with regular complaining about community events where people are collectively creating positive messages and discussions.
    Please realize Sun Media is regarded among the TMZs and Enquirers of the world. I’ve read a ton of the Ottawa Sun, it’s quite popular as it gets passed around the coffee room, mostly for the sports page and sunshine girl. Sorry if your groundbreaking piece got passed over. No one was going to take it seriously with that logo on the cover.
    I would hope you could recognize that Suzuki would never risk speaking with a journalist from the Sun. He knows his words would be misrepresented and cleverly edited to make him a fool. Examples can be seen above in the whiny diatribe you’ve posted. He wasn’t looking for a photo op, this was a community discussion. You were invited because the Green Party wanted some press, not because Suzuki wanted to speak with you.
    Please don’t hide behind a freedom of the press issue, you know that’s not the case. Of course politicians will placate to you, as they are constantly running a PR campaign. You guys can’t burn everyone working in the environmental field and then ask for an interview. Use some common sense.
    If you truly want to do some real reporting, time to switch companies.

    Have a great day!!

  6. vic romano says:

    Why would anyone want to talk to or listen to that phony suzuki, keep up the good work Sun News, at least somebody is questioning him, not like his cheerleaders on the left.

  7. WTF says:

    Have you ever watched CTV? Cheerleaders for the left? Sure the CBC has a lean but they are public funded, every other TV outlet in Canada is right leaning. SUNTV is outright propaganda, just like Canada’s economic action plan, a commercial and a website. Seriously, SUNTV Fanboi’s.

  8. Matthew Greenberg says:

    When your reporting is so heavily biased, and your content is so shallow and uninformed, it is no wonder people choose not to talk to you. Don’t act so surprised.

  9. Mark Wolfe says:

    I met David Suzuki in the 80′s and even then he was showing off as a phoney who was more interested in the “limelight” than nature…

    As far as I’m concerned, he’s still more interested in the money he made off “nature nuts” (as he called them back then) than anything else…

  10. gerry says:

    I always chuckle when people comment on the “propaganda” of both Fox News and Sun News.

    All of this while they follow such secular moral compass types like msnbc, abc, nbc, cbc… Nooo there’s sure no agenda there.

  11. Don Sharpe says:

    Well written and a great expose of the event! Kudos to Liz May, at least she had the common sense to see the hypocrisy of calling 911 …. hilarious!

    Love the comments here! All the detractors of Sun Media are whining and name calling, none of them speak to the fact that Dave Suzuki, a publicly funded & prominent public figure, refused to defend his actions.

    Very telling, that lack of focus.

    Keep up the great work Jessica, you’re scaring the crap outta them. Go Sun!

  12. Tim Monaghan says:

    I don’t blame him one bit for not wanting to talk to “FOX news” ahhh i mean “SUN news”.

    You guys are right-wing nutjobs and not a real news outlet.

    I’m glad you guys are losing 17 million a year and find it hilarious that you think Canadians will allow the CRTC to start charging us for your crappy station. I would rather pay the $4 so that I never have to come across your channel.

  13. Knee Jerk says:

    There’s a crazy guy that stands at Yonge and Dundas and yells at passers-by about government mind-control and other nonsense. Suzuki would probably ignore him, too. And for exactly the same reason.

    The Sun isn’t news; it’s just a collection of daily talking points from The Simpleton Manifesto.

  14. J.P says:

    I’d imagine he would talk to journalists that work for a real news station. SUN News is not real news. This station just screams American Tea Party propaganda.

    I believe as Canadians we’ve run out of patience with this phony news channel. Time for SUN News to go away. Perhaps you guys can get a job at Fox News when you are defunct.

  15. jonny b says:

    Lol… Sun News… Suzuki didnt want to talk to you because no one takes Sun News seriously. I mean really, do you actually think you are a news channel.

  16. Will says:

    Soren Antosz wrote:
    >I would hope you could recognize that
    >Suzuki would never risk speaking with a
    >journalist from the Sun. He knows his
    >words would be misrepresented and
    >cleverly edited to make him a fool.

    Oh, you mean like the ‘real’ media have already been doing to people who are conservative for decades?

  17. DaBilk says:


    You showed up without the standard bevy of his highness’ vestal virgins!!!

    How dare you.

    Sarc off

  18. Bob says:

    I find it funny that people from the left always want to be able to express their view, but when someone from the right disagrees they are are nuts, crazy or haters. If you can’t stand someone disagreeing with you then shut up. David Suzuki had every right to turn chicken and run when the Sun media showed up, it says a lot about him.
    It’s also funny when people on the left insult Sun and Fox because they do not want anyone else to express ideas that are not inline with there beliefs. They want their point of view to be the only one out there so they cannot be challenged. David Suzuki went on tour across Canada to expose the evils of Carbon, the funny part was he was in an old diesel bus that contributed to the problem that he was preaching about. When the media pointed this out they were labeled as haters. The left wants to be able to speak without interruption, and they hate it when someone disagrees.

  19. NikolaTesla says:

    So you repeat an absolutely lie and misrepresentation of the facts:

    “One of those things would be taking the not-so- infallible David Suzuki to task for oh, I don’t know, his often exorbitant speaking fees (about on par with Justin Trudeau’s), his bizarre and dubious demands for a “nicely dressed”, all-female entourage to take him from his hotel to the John Abbot College where he spoke for an hour last October (for $30,000).”

    The above has been proven to be nothing but a slur and no where’s close to the truth and you wonder why he doesn’t want to talk to you?

    You have no shame and should not be allowed to call yourself a journalist. If you had any integrity as a human being you would retract what you just wrote and apologize to Suzuki.

  20. Francois K says:

    Isn’t this the same good doctor who advocated jailing climate change deniers?

  21. Roger Smith says:

    Nicely written. Too bad the Suzuki sheep can’t see the forest for the trees. What a yellow bellied chicken, just like Knee Jerk who is too embarrassed and ashamed to even use a legitimate name let alone their real name.
    Keep up the good work.

  22. Will says:

    There’s another point I wanted to make, specifically regarding Elizabeth May’s back-handed ‘support’ of Sun News.

    Saying “Only Rob Ford calls 911 on the media!” is a ridiculous and disingenuous attempt at making an analogy, and she’s probably smart enough to know that, which is why you (as in Jessica the reporter) should have politely declined her hug, a la Erin Andrews and the 50 cent kiss attempt.

    May’s event was at least somewhat public, but Mary Walsh’s raid on Rob Ford’s private residential property absolutely crossed the line, so Ford was absolutely justified in calling 911 on a trespasser.

    Just imagine if the Sun sent a reporter, unannounced and uninvited, to David Suzuki’s home, or for that matter, Mary Walsh’s home, or even May’s home. All of them would be equally justified in calling 911 on a trespasser. Whether a journalist or not, an unscheduled and uninvited visit to someone’s, anyone’s, private residence is trespassing.

    Shame on you, Elizabeth May, shame.

  23. Soren says:

    Just to add some perspective:

    Speaking fees (as reported by Huffinton Post, proceed to go crazy…)

    Bill Clinton – $150,000-$400,000
    Tony Blair – $250,000+
    Rudy Guiliani – $270,000
    Alan Greenspan – $250,000
    Donald Trump – $1.5 Million
    Lance Armstrong – $150,000
    Al Gore – $100,000

    Kim Kardashian (appearance) – $50,000

    But I guess I’m just whining because I’m “scared” (Don… um… of what?)
    Some people came to listen to Suzuki speak, and he was very good (and funny!). If you don’t like him why all the energy spent on knocking him down? I can never figure out what all the hate is about (is the scared comment a bit of projection?)

    PS… I was actually there last night.

  24. Michael says:

    Can’t blame him for not talking to you….you’re just not worth it nor is your butt ugly rag.

  25. Molly says:


    In light of Sun News Network’s last broadcast account of a previous Suzuki speaking engagement just month or so ago, in which the ‘good doctor ‘ is slandered in a fabricated account describing him as a “dirty old man” who makes “bizarre and sexist requests ”, I would expect that anyone in their right mind, or as you wrote ‘with the confidence that comes with real intellect ‘ knows….. or as in Dr. Suzuki’s case , has now learned to avoid stooping to the bowels of shock-jock or ‘ tabloid intellect’ by refusing to accommodate anyone affiliated with Sun News Network .

    Sorry you missed out on questions or an interview, but for any tabloid reporters , you should have known that this was nothing out of the ordinary – it just comes with the territory.

  26. MS says:

    Definition of Journalism according to mirriam webster: writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation.
    I don’t see anything resembling Journalism here…

  27. Cons_r-Morons says:

    umm, he wanted to talk to a News organization and Sun Media Entertainment. you are not news.

  28. Bert says:

    I know that it is probably a waste of time, but I thought I’d add my 2 bits anyway.

    I find it interesting that there are so many people out there who vilify SUN News and call their credentials into question but offer no or very little out of context examples to back up their claim. The fact is, regardless of what you think of SUN News, that David Suzuki is every bit the buffoon that Ezra Levant has claimed he is and last night proved it in spades. To refuse to come out of hiding until the big, bad reporter from SUN News is gone shows just how cowardly and inept Suzuki is. If he had any integrity or belief in his own position, he would welcome news organizations who disagree with him if only to reinforce his message. But, when he is too scared to even show his face while a smallish young reporter is there to challenge him is childish in the extreme. This man is an embarrassment to Canada.

    As far as SUN News credentials are concerned, they are vastly superior to CBC. When I watch SUN, I know that I am getting information that will almost never show up on CBC or CTV because it is not always PC. I don’t always agree with the conclusions and opinions of the presenters, but this is Canada and we are supposed to have freedom of speech. People have the right to say things that I don’t agree with or that offend me – the SCC’c recent ruling notwithstanding.

  29. Mr. Fair says:

    the sun news is different from the left leaning CBC and CTV. Thank goodness!!! I am so tired of watching CBC or CTV news. anyone that posts “hate Sun News” is just trying to intimidate. in fact they are the reason i am wearing pink today. first they probably work for CBC and are worried that a self funding news network might survive without government funding.

  30. docM says:

    Part of a healthy democracy is a free press. When elements of society begin to tell you who the ‘real’ press is and which press members aren’t ‘real’ journalists, call those people what they really are: fascists who want the ‘press’ to act as propagandists for their point of view.

  31. Bill D says:

    It’s entertaining when somebody kicks one of the Left’s ant hills as Sun News frequently does in the course of covering events and personalities of the day.

    Such seems to the case whenever a journalist dares to ask David Suzuki an inconvenient or tough question. Hume didn’t even get to ask a question and the ants went into a frenzy of damage control and colony repair. “Call 9-1-1! The Sun’s here.” (Speaking of insects, it was Suzuki that likened humans to maggots? You know, the people we live and work with?)

    Sun News is needed especially in situations where other media have been cowed or suborned by some leftist dictum or correctness of the day.

  32. tom hickie says:

    I am not a sun worshipper but neither do I think that Suzuki is a god. His message often seems to be, do as I say not as I do just like other Televangelists. All the flying and his big motor boat and all the paper he consumes are hard on the environment but he refuses to admit that he is an alpha consumer. I suspect he is motivated by ego and a desire for money. I still like much of what he says but when he talks about charging politicians with crimes for not protecting the environment he sounds crazy.

  33. Peter T. says:

    All of this has been said before, and I’m sure many have heard it, but I will take this opportunity to restate it once again. Diversity of opinion is a concept that the left preach, yet in practice it is only opinions that they agree with that they defend or care to listen to. Challenging consensus or dogma is a banner they carry, yet if one challenges them on any point, they will avoid defending their stand; rather they resort to personally attacking those who challenge them. Freedom of expression and speech is a battle cry of the left, yet in reality they only afford that right to those whom which they agree with. If you speak or express yourself in any way that opposes their ideology, they will stop at nothing to prevent you from exercising that very freedom.

    The left is made up of individuals who act as spoiled children who simply can not, or will not, recognize the childish and selfish behavior they exhibit. They are hypocrites to the core, narcissistic in action, and violent in nature. A very ugly and dangerous mixture indeed. One only needs to look at the protests, marches, and sit ins (occupy fiasco), to bear witness to the root nature of the left. Suzuki and his ardent followers fall very comfortably into this category.

  34. Murray Saugstad says:

    Dave Suzuki Corporation. Junk science at best brought forward to sell his books, and net him 30 or 40 grand plus expenses and young girl escorts at his venues. If Sun News were publishing untruths about this hypocrite, they would be sued to oblivion, don’t you think? The man is a profiteering, greedy fake. Keep the spotlight on this guy Sun News. Good work.

  35. welldoneson says:

    David Suzuki is a pompous ignoramous. Each and every person who thinks all Canadian media except the CBC, are “right wing”, is an atrocious fool. And anyone who thinks Sun are biased is simply too stupid to be bothered with. Apparently that includes Suzuki, one of the left’s lead hands at corrupting science for political purposes.

  36. Chad says:

    Great article. Keep up the great work. Environmental eco-narcissists should be called out for their cowardice. Though it would have been nice to see the very long list of blatant lies David Suzuki has stated over his career, whatever that is.

  37. Auggiedoggy says:

    The SUN will report on things the Left-Wing nut media outlets will never touch. The fact that Lefties don’t like the SUN is no big shock and of no consequence. Too many inconvenient truths for Lefties to handle I guess. Suzuki won’t debate or (apparently) speak to anyone that may call him on his BS.

  38. Joyce says:

    David Suzuki doesn’t need Sun News to make him look like buffoon. He does very well at that himself.

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