Tories, Grits support minimum penalties for vandalizing war monuments

- November 1st, 2012


A bill to set minimum penalties for vandalizing war memorials is on its way to the Senate, passing in the House of Commons in a 181 to 98 vote on Wednesday.

“We owe it to our fallen sons and daughters and also to our men and women still serving in uniform to protect these honoured places – especially at this time of year as we approach Remembrance Day,” Conservative MP David Tilson said in a statement.

His private member’s bill would impose a fine of at least $1,000 for a first-time conviction of mischief relating to a war memorial, cenotaph or other monument to remember thosewho’ve died in war.

Second and third offences would carry minimum prison terms of 14 days and 30 days, respectively.

The bill received Tory and Liberal support, while the NDP and Bloc Quebecois opposed it.

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  1. Mrs. Menin says:

    The bereaved Canadian (and overseas relatives of recent immigrants) of those “Fallen”/War Dead, don’t seem to rate mention, compared to today’s unified professional military… which has nothing to do with those times of amateurs of all walks of life leaving jobs and schools to go away to war, our fathers, uncles, brothers and sisters and children.
    We civilians held the homefront for an unkown “duration of war”, even helped to pay for those memorials.
    Let us hope MP Tilson looks at his own family tree to see if he too has a broken branch, a war death, which devastate the family of the time.

    The idea is good, but the insensitivity to the realities of those 20th century wars is disturbing.

  2. Peter says:

    Hey, there’s a shock, the Bloc and NDP opposing something that honours our armed forces.
    If we had to rely on these types of people in 1944, we’d all be speaking German.
    Nice work guys, do you have no shame???
    No, wait, no balls…..that’s it!!!

  3. Fred from Brigus says:

    The fine is not enough. Should have to pay all costs to rectify the damage and be put on public display in front of the memorial wearing an orange jump suit with a sign hanging from his neck professing his crime.

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