Tories launch Mulcair youtube attack ad

- June 25th, 2012

Well it was bound to happen sometime.

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  1. Ketin says:

    Here we go. The small minded childish tories using bullying tactics to disparage someone they deem a threat to them. Are you as sick of this type of politics as I am? You can stop this. Write your MP and if its a tory all the better. When will the people elected to parliament start to work together for the good of the people and stop the childish name calling and school yard bullying the tories are famous for.

  2. bertie says:

    The Liberal MSM are spewing this BS about the Conservatives everyday..Got any comments when that happens.Didn,t think so.Get over it,the NDP/Libs are not the government,so sit down and be good little children till the next election.

  3. From the time of your reply Bertie it suggests your efforts kept you up all night trying to put two word together that had meaning and just might blur
    the intelligent response given by KETIN then again you might be one of the too few who honestly think that this Federal Conservative Party is a government? To many Canadians it is a mean spirited dictatorship that does not know the meaning of the word “DEMOCRACY” or what it is suppose to imply. Too bad for “ALL” Canadians for we are surely suffering..

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