Tory MP calls on Bell to remove ‘intolerable’ cellular tower in riding

- June 16th, 2012

A Tory MP has sounded the alarm about the safety of a cellular tower located near residential homes and a daycare in his riding of Oakville, Ont.

Terence Young stood in the House of Commons this week to ask Bell Canada to remove the powerful cellular antennae immediately.

Bell Canada has placed powerful antennae 11 metres from a child’s bedroom and over the heads of our fighters and refuses to remove them. This is intolerable…I say to the president of Bell Canada, Mr. George Cope: Tear down those antennae.

But Bell isn’t prepared to back down and communications representative Jason Laszlo maintains the company is following federal guidelines.

To meet local demand for enhanced wireless service, we simply added equipment to a pre-existing communications tower…we consulted with Halton Regional Police who operate the tower and then secured approvals from Industry Canada.

In May, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified electromagnetic radiation (EMR) as “possibly

In a letter to his constituents, Young said he wants to see stricter federal regulations in Canada and vowed to consider introducing a private member’s bill on the issue.

There is no broadly based consensus regarding proof that EMR from cellular antennae on towers is a serious health risk, but I believe in the precautionary principle when it comes to your health: Better safe than sorry.

Dr. Magda Havas, who studies environmental contaminants at Trent University, says Canadians have the right to know about antennae in their area.

You should be informed that an antenna is coming in to your neighbourhood and you should have the ability to say yes or no,” she said. “We are not allowing people to have a say in this. It just doesn’t make any sense in a democratic society.

Companies currently have to issue an advisory to municipalities if a tower is more than 15 meters high, but Havas says shorter – and possibly more
dangerous towers – are being put up without notice.

NDP health critic Libby Davies agrees federal intervention is needed.

The status quo is completely unsatisfactory…people have no recourse to respond to a unilateral decision by telecommunications companies to put these towers up.

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  1. Robert Riedlinger says:

    For 15 years I have been waiting for health effects from cell phone towers to
    be discussed in the House of Commons. Back in 1996 when I asked Health Canada to remove a tower near my home in Harrison Hot Springs B C they refused ,saying the radiation from towers could not cause the symptoms I suffered,Sleep disturbance,hearing loss,headaches,nausea,joint pain,burning eyes,fatigue.It is High Time that Health Canada start to recognize the damage that their Danger Code 6 is causing!!SHOW RESPECT FOR PEOPLE THAT ARE SUFFERING FROM YOUR TOXIC POISONOUS RF.
    I am a senior Canadian and I resent being driven from my home that I worked for over 50 years to accomplish.Canada is Supposed to have a democratic government,where is the democracy when they radiate our atmosphere to a point that causes illness without giving us a vote on whether or not we want to be radiated?

  2. Thermoguy says:

    Congratulations to Terence Young for stepping up and I want to substantiate his claim of harm. Electrical professionals don’t randomly blast frequencies around, it can be exceptionally dangerous with all the considerations.

    Bell is wrong about meeting the antenna meeting federal guidelines, the frequencies in this application are illegal and not compliant with Safety Code 6 anymore. Safety Code 6 admits the frequencies are electromagnetically inducing people but treated them as hunks of tissue being heated in a localized area. Safety Code 6 admits the mechanism was missing linking frequencies to adverse health effect, it has been reported.

    When you go to the doctors office for an X-ray they protects you with clothing that attenuates(eliminates)the frequencies before they get to your body. These frequencies are stimulating tissue which is to be avoided, they are accelerating corrosion of infrastructure as reported by Andrew Michrowski.

    Bell has to provide the attenuation coefficients of everthing the frequncies interact with such as birds, bees, buildings, humans, trees, all angles. all frequencies associated with biological systems and engineers weren’t told frequencies were left out of a frequency equation. Here is the information Terence is looking for at the blog, the links in codes and much more.

    Bell should move the antenna, they don’t want the liability of paying for buildings and infrastructure as well as neurologically stimulating humans. It is illegal and Health Canada as well as Industry Canada needs to enforce Safety Code 6.

  3. Goodwin says:

    How about posting a picture of the tower so we have a scooby of what you’re talking about? Also try ditching the silly gray boxes which make the article difficult to read?

  4. Thermoguy says:

    The Tory MP is sounding an important alarm. When you hear of a cell tower going up, the number of antennas are only mentioned in plans and specs. There is a tower going up in Tuscany and the blueprints tell of the 20 antennas on the tower with 19 more as future considerations.

    As electrical professionals that power the world, we do NOT randomly blast frequencies around because of the many dangers. There are important reasons we wire the world, you can’t mess around with electricity or there will be real consequences.

    When it comes to human exposure to RadioFrequency(wireless) EMFs, there are guidelines to follow. The unintentional stimulation of tissue is to be avoided says Health Canada’s Safety Code 6.

    Intentional stimulation of tissue is medical imaging like an X-ray. When we go to the doctor for an X-ray, you are positioned, body parts are protected with engineered clothing. Then you are told to hold still and the image is taken. If you refused to wear the protective clothing, the imaging wouldn’t happen because of the danger and liability.

    Safety Code 35 shows the engineering involved for the critical attenuation(elimination) of the frequencies before they hit your body.

    Safety Code 6 governs the limits of human exposure to wireless frequencies and stimulating tissue is to be avoided as is the heat effect. The code also states critical science mechanisms are missing linking the frequencies to adverse health effects. Weight of evidence approach will be used when mechanism found and code will be changed.

    The mechanism was reported to Health Canada and by expert witness through Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health by governed certified electrical professionals.

    Safety Code 6 is at our website and you will read a code that admits the electromagnetic induction of humans is happening but just a little and a wattage per kilogram was assigned to the humans. The code negated to include the electrical properties and ALL frequencies associated with the entire human body. Safety Code 6 was missing the EMF bullet and how it could hit a human to cause adverse health effects.

    Antennas blasting frequencies in any direction have to consider the attenuation coefficients of everything the EMFs hit including bees, birds, trees, buildings, etc. Then they have to ensure attenuation of the frequencies before they hit the bees, birds, children, etc. High speed EMFs going through buildings will cause them to exceed building codes causing molecular earthquakes with the high speed vibrations.

    The frequencies are illegal as applied, power density is misleading when you leave out the frequencies.

    Bell should hold off until they receive the weight of evidence by Health Canada or the liability for stimulating nerves and affecting reproduction of all species will be significant.

  5. Earl says:

    It’s because the Gov of the day just dosn’t care about the working Joe’s safety, only their own, and they cover their butt’s quite well.

  6. Aphool Imnaught says:

    Microwaves violate all sustainability laws. Just how (d)evolved is human critical thinking? Just how literal is the analysis of one single item in an entire system, such as a cell phone or a smart meter without reference to microwave generation sources creating radiation blast zones everywhere. Isn’t it ill considered & short sighted to view the telecom industry through a tunnel vision lens by using in an isolated single bi-directional phone or one of billions of towers, each node perceived in a vacuum, while failing to grasp the big picture & the ubiquitous way in which radiation frequencies behave? Why do we avoid the facts? These microwaves intersect, refract, & create new frequencies every single time they invisibly cross paths. They penetrate walls & couple to uninsulated biological bodies everywhere – all of which is nothing new. The military uses as weapons these same low frequencies which we have been seduced into using for amusement like a frog in a slowly heating & exponentially expanding radiation soup which corporate entities have co-opted as our former inviolate commonwealth airspace. Where is there any mystery in colony collapse disorder, be it bees or humans? It is only a question of speed, whether bees, birds, bats, butterflies or humans respond more quickly to radiation poisoning. When anyone turns on “their” microwave bi-directional “cell” phone, how many bother to consciously think about what they are doing, pulling unshielded microwave frequencies from a microwave cell tower into the space they share with others, second hand microwaves. Do people consider the cumulative impact of smart routers, aggregators, satellites, & towers, when they choose to focus solely on their own personal smart meter, which is just one part of a radiation blanket system that violates all laws? Invisible radiation pollution is still dangerous pollution. Microwaves are comparable in global impact to the pollution generated by the entire aviation industry’s pollution. They are uninsurable. Yet how many prefer to believe, that is if they think about it at all, that per cell tower multiple 40+ antennae frequencies are somehow just a tidy little wavelength that goes from a cell tower to a phone & then from there to a head, & that all a cell phone user has to do is hold that phone 18″ from their head to avoid this tidy little frequency. Meanwhile? The tower frequencies bathe the whole body and every being around the user on their way to the phone. Second hand unshielded radiation is no joke, it ought to be illegal since it sure is criminal.

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