Will voters ground Tories over F-35?

- May 23rd, 2012


Only 6% of Canadians say they give the federal government a passing grade on how it’s handled the F-35 fighter jet program, according to an Abacus Data survey exclusive to QMI Agency.

Even among Conservative supporters that number is only 11%.

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  1. Rich says:

    No for the following reasons:
    1. most voters understand that the F35 Joint Strike Fighter program has been an on going program since Chretien signed Canada on to it, and that Canadian Aeronautical Companies based in Quebec and Manitoba have received and will continue to receive billions of dollars in contracts; which to date is equal to 150 contracts with a value of 400 million dollars.

    2.They understand the difference between purchase/acquistion cost the initial outlay to Lockheed Martin for the 65 planes and the operating cost.
    The opposition parties are simply playing politics with this appeasing their base, the minority that do not support the military in any shape or form. When the voter looks at the cost objectively 9 billion cost of the planes + 6 billion cost of maintenance which was the amount presented to parliament. The additional 10 billion that the opposition is complaining about is actually operational cost and will be budgeted on an annual basis.

    3 with the comments of PBO of late indicates that his only intention was to embarass the government and promote the official opposition

  2. David Coutu says:

    Rich …

    1) Most voters do not understand the process.
    2) The cost is horrendous and needless.
    3) The Opposition is not needed to embarass the government.

    The F-35 does not fulfill Canada’s role as the “First-In” Americans.
    What is needed is a plane designed specifically for Ground Support
    What is needed is a plane designed for interception of intruders.

    The CF-18 fills the bill as it always has.
    CF-188B is the new CF-18 … Updated and sold at 1/4 the cost.
    We have the maintenance training and infrastructure already in place.

    The CF-18 performs well in Canadian service as an interceptor.
    The CF-18 performs well in American service in Oil-rich countries.

    Purchase four F-18 planes instead of only one F-35.

    Remember … we don’t need stealth on a show-the-flag interception.
    We don’t need stealth on low level bombing runs in oil-republics.

  3. Rich says:

    The F35 is a Joint Strike Fighter Program with countries such as Holland, Belgium, Spain, England, USA and Canada plus about 5 more countries. All NATO Allies, it makes sense to be compatible with are allies.

    In the mid 1990,s the Liberals signed Canada onto the Program with the idea that Canadian Aeronautical firms would reap benefits, by providing parts and equipment: In the 1990′s there has already be an expenditure of 250 million taxpayer dollars to sign Canada on to the Program and as a result Canadian firms have generated some 400 million dollars in investment: If we cancel this deal Canada would lose the remaining contracts.

    In the 1990′s, there had been a competition with Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Gripen of which LockHeed Martin was the successful bidder.

    My complaint was with the way the opposition have used this purchase to score political points especially the Liberals: this was their own plan initially. ( saying that the F35 was a sole source purchase ) Even the Auditor General himself had to admit that this was an usual purchase because of the nature of Joint fighter Strike Program.

    What I would like to have seen happen is the same type of Procurement that was used in the ship building contract which is the largest military expenditure in Canada. Therefore, the government should cancel the entire program and any future contracts and go back to the drawing board

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