Just how dumb are politicians?

- January 9th, 2013

Now there’s a well with no bottom, you may respond. Plausibly, given the latest news out of Britain about the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition’s failure to keep its promises.

Yeah, yeah. Nothing new there. What is new is that they promised voters a frank Mid-Term Review assessment of what election promises they had and had not kept. Which actually sounds pretty good… until you discover that when they released the thing Monday they left out a hundred-page annex of problematic failures. Still nothing new? Well, here’s where the story really starts. The Telegraph reports that:

On Tuesday, Patrick Rock, Mr Cameron’s political adviser, was seen carrying a “restricted” document that warned that the full version of the Mid-Term Review would contain an annex identifying “problematic areas” and lead to “unfavourable copy” identifying “broken pledges”. The document suggests that the annex could be “published without fanfare” on the Government’s website several days after the release of the main review. This was planned to stop “difficult points” overshadowing the “favourable coverage”.

So now they’re stuck releasing it, and instead of getting credit for their frankness they’re going to get blasted for inept hypocrisy and entirely deserve it.

Apparently the answer to the question in my title is “just about too dumb to spell d-u-m-b with a ‘b’”. And these people write budgets and control defence policy.


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