Free markets to the rescue!

- October 6th, 2012

For those of you upset, worried or annoyed by yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on HIV disclosure, here’s one thing you can do:

The first rapid home-testing kit for H.I.V. has just gone on sale for $40, marketed as a way for people to find out privately if they have the virus that causes AIDS.

But some experts and advocates say that another use, unadvertised, for the OraQuick test — to screen potential sexual partners — may become equally popular and even help slow an epidemic stuck at 50,000 new infections each year in the United States.

There are reasons to think that screening might make a difference. Studies have found that a significant minority of people who are H.I.V.-positive either lie about their status or keep it secret, infecting unsuspecting partners.

I can see plenty of problems with this – why it is extremely far from a perfect solution. Still, I like it.

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