The MP for Self Esteem rises… laboriously

- May 30th, 2012

Britain’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image just recommended making “appearance-based discrimination” a legal offence under the Equalities Act of 2010.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Why on earth is there a Parliamentary Group on Body Image?

Oh, you weren’t. You were wondering why there’s an Equalities Act, how many Equalities there can be, what ever happened to the freedom to be a jerk and when state thought control became uncontroversial.

Strange preoccupations. Over in Britain the usual suspects are worrying how, if this otherwise praiseworthy effort at petty censorship is passed, a doctor can tell a patient obesity is unhealthy. Though some insist the link between the two is just one more social construct like, say, gender or gravity.

Me, I’m wondering if it’s still legal to call these MPs fatheads.

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