- December 28th, 2012

The latest politician to chicken out and wish me “Season’s Greetings” with desperate lack of reference to St. Nick, December or any of that Noël rubbish is Justin Trudeau. Now to be fair his card, covered in sunny photos of the MP for Papineau and the family he once worried about trying to shelter from politics, doesn’t just depict every season except that one with the snow where people do the decorated tree and presents thing whose name escapes him. It actually reached me after Dec. 25.

Now for the bad news. Inside it says, in addition to the standard vacuous “Season’s Greetings/Joyeuses fêtes” of some sort greeting, “Une famille, un monde/ May all families unite, as one”. No. May they not. You raise your kids and leave other people to raise theirs.

I hardly see how seeking the Liberal leadership and Prime Ministership gives you any licence to start coparenting with everyone else, or any reason to invite them to intrude on your children’s upbringing. As for “un monde” I stand with Bertrand de Jouvenel, who said he believed in world government until the day he crossed the Swiss border ahead of the pursuing Nazis.

Some people may object that an attempt to criticize Justin Trudeau’s ideas amounts to tilting at windmills. Just because he said it doesn’t mean he thought it in any recognizable sense of that word. But the attitudes that allow a politically significant person to emit this unreflective nonsense are important even if they appear less than fully sharpened around the edges.

Strange. I feel less joyful after getting this card.

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  1. Graham says:

    These are typical sentiments, to be found on all manner of holiday cards, secular or religious themed. You make it sound like the Liberal Party invented this sort of thing. Want to find hyperbole about all humankind living together as one? Look no further than the Christian churches.

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