As you always suspected

- July 30th, 2012

Pointless but politically skillful Quebec premier Jean Charest looks ready to call another election and, quite possibly, win it for some reason. Why? Because he likes it, that’s why.

No really. Permanent politicians aren’t like the rest of us. They actually enjoy the slimy horror of politics, better generally than they like governing, to say nothing of normal life. And yet we wonder why, when we keep electing them, we get so much politics of such a tawdry sort delivered with such apparent enthusiasm.

Last week, while at one of those obnoxious announcements at which governments boast of finding strange new ways to spend public money currying favour with voters and take credit for everything short of the sun rising in the morning, Charest was asked by a reporter whether August wasn’t a better month for a vacation than yet another angry empty partisan dustup.

“When you’re doing what you love, it’s not really work,” he responded.

What you love. Shaking hands, cutting ribbons, attacking your opponents’ character and making misleading statements in the hope of clinging to power so you can… so you can… oh yeah, so you can cling to power some more. Yup, it sure beats a quiet canoe ride through the morning mist, swimming with the kids or beer and barbecue on the deck.

If you’re a politician.

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