Big big big government in Ontario

- February 12th, 2013

Premier Kathleen Wynne is putting a new face on her government with a whole new team appointed to her cabinet.  The new Ontario Premier appointed 27 people to posts in her government. Toronto Sun comment editor Adrienne Batra says this may not be enough to change the channel on the big issues behind them.

Batra joined David Akin on Battleground with analysis of the issues.

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  1. Scott McConachie says:

    In regard to the gas plant controversy, I feel most of the people in Ontario want a public enquiry. I also believe that if there is any wrong doing and/or criminal activity, past or ongoing, involving Dalton McGinty and any of his colleagues should be investigated and criminal charges laid. The new Premier says she does want to spend $25Million on a public enquiry but the Liberal Party had no problem wasting millions on the gas plants and E-Health.

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