Dalton’s Canadian joke

- October 25th, 2012

Remember the joke about how to get a bunch of Canadians out of a swimming pool? (A: Say “Hey, all you Canadians, get out of the swimming pool.”) Seems Dalton McGuinty’s the one laughing now, given his latest excuse for proroguing the Ontario legislature.

Things were becoming overheated. And the legislative process was in danger of seizing up entirely. So I blew the whistle. I said, “All right, everybody out of the pool. Let’s allow the waters to calm. And let’s use our time productively.” The public interest demanded that we freeze public-sector wages. We are making progress right now outside the legislature.

This self-image of himself as the lifeguard watching over a bunch of unruly kids, parenthetically, confirms my long-standing belief that McGuinty is at heart an overgrown hall monitor. But the joke’s on legislators, of all parties, who responded by meekly getting out of the pool, and now stand shivering and griping pointlessly on the sidelines.


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  1. Peter Siegel says:

    I wonder where Elections Ontario is on this. A Cabinet Minister said in Queen’s park that at the direction of the Liberal Election team he cancelled a Gas fired Electric plant at a cost of $190 Million to save two Liberal seats. Why is no one suggesting that this was in fact buying votes and should be investigated by both Elections Ontario and the RCMP?
    Seems like everyone is out of the pool. Perhaps if this a Liberal Party Election ploy and illegal, and I don’t know that is is until after an investigation, we could ask the Liberal party of Ontario and the people who made the decision to pay us back the cost of the move?

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