He was, after all, a drama teacher…

- December 14th, 2012

Categories: Liberals

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  1. NJam101 says:

    The reason why he didn’t speak to the reporter is because he knows it’s best to not help and encourage Quebecor/Sun Media and its biased reporting. Sun News is such a joke. The Fox News of Canada.

  2. sMarko says:

    Great title!

  3. Bobby Goodman says:

    I suspect “the young Trudeau” may have learned a hard lesson recently (it certainly took a while): “it is far better to remain silent and have people think you an imbacile, than open your mouth and remove all doubt”. It fascinates me that the Turdeau Maniacs celebrate his platitudes and choose not to recognize how shallow his political talent (inteligence) really is. Do they support the notion that Canada should look more like Quebec: the most corrupt province in country; the province militant enforcing unilingual French that treats Anlophones with comtempt; the province that voted for a government whose entire reason for being is to leave Canada; the province that collects farm more equalization payments from the feds than any other; the province that has been characterized as racist by immigrants, native Canadians and most certainly by those of the Jewish faith and I can go on! “Young Turdeau” suggested under certain conditions he would join an independant Quebec, so, like his father, the Maniacs should know where his loyalties truly lie. Young Turdeau is indeed an actor, albeit and very bad one (first saw it at his fathers funeral). Like his Dad, he lives in the lap of luxury spending the Money his Grandfater made in the oil industry. He says he loves Canada but, but so did his father. If you forget that Pierre chose not to fight in the war, that he befriended ruthless dictators and despots, that he terrorized the Montreal Jewish community riding a mortorcycle during the war wearing a German helmet and dismissing the WWII atracities as invention (he even wrote ant-semetic plays in university), then certainly you will accept Young Turdeau as the Champion to resurrect “Canada’s Party”. Perhaps the incessant silliness by…ahem…”writers” such as the Citizen’s Van Tandt and the Sun’s version of a true moron and unconscious incompetent, Kinsella, actually inspires the Turdeau Maniacs. It is said that the Trudeau names has cache, seriously, if so, why? The third party status Liberals are clutching at straws or actors. The try to keep him muzzled so he wont embarrass the party any more than he already has (Young Trudeau and McGuinty both). To that end, they have “entrusted” him with a most challenging portfolio. Brigitte would most certainly have her way intelectually with Young Trudeau. Actors are good only when they have a script to follow


  4. masker001 says:

    Most people of even modest inteligence know that Trudeau is a bufoon and a moron.If he follows in his fathers footsteps,he will do his best to make Canada a laughing stock.Justine is a part time drama professor.He is not old enough,experienced enough nor is he smart enough to lead this great country of ours.He should stay with what he knows best,ham acting and leave the politics to his elders.

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