Ignatieff the hepcat?

- June 20th, 2012

Former bad Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff weighs in ponderously in today’s Globe and Mail on behalf of ditching old goats for the voice of youth. OK, then. You go first.

His piece starts “Now that the Liberal Party leadership is wide open, the way is clear for a new generation to stake out a 21st-century Liberal vision. They have an unprecedented opportunity to rid the party of the baggage of the past and reinvent it as the party of the future.” So you’re scratching your head thinking “Aren’t you the baggage of the past?”

Remember that Ignatieff was born in 1947, so long ago marijuana was spelled with an “h”. He was the voice of radical student youth in the 1960s and a hepcat commentator in 1970s Britain when sideburns were “in,” even groovy. So when he continues “For that to happen, the old guard will have to hand over the keys to the next generation” the obvious question is “Then why are you still talking?”

He has an answer. You see, ”Throughout my political career, I was inspired by young Canadians, by their vision of a green, prosperous and just country, at peace with itself at home, engaged with the world beyond and ambitious to win against the world’s best in science, business, technology and culture.” Right. I meet young people every day who talk just exactly like that.

There are few things sadder than someone who ought to have the benefit of mature wisdom instead trying desperately to recapture the folly of youth. But one who pulls it off qualifies.

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  1. David Coutu says:

    Michael Ignatief weighs in ponderously ?
    What does he Ponder ?
    The Liberal Party is enjoying a Re-Birth … Youth and freshness …
    A Rising new Prophet of a United Canada is Coming …
    Just in Time !
    Justin Trudeau !

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