International Day of the Press Release

- October 15th, 2012

OK, I’ve counted them up and I got six press releases last week touting the “International Day of the Girl” including one from the PMO, one from the Parliamentary Secretary for Status of Women announcing a scholarship, one from the office of MP Joy Smith, one from the Office of the Liberal Leader slamming the Harper government for blah blah blah, one from the United Nations Assocation in Canada and one from the Canadian Federation of Municipalities. (Nothing from the NDP, oddly.)

It may seem harmless. But it shows the persistent tendency of people in public life to live in a make-believe world. Just because the UN says there’s an International Day of the Girl does not mean there really is one, any more than politicians’ insistence on “Season’s Greetings” means Dec. 25 is not really Christmas.

If the people in power don’t know that, or don’t care, what else have they got wrong that’s of more consequence? As Sir Humphrey Appleby once said, “It could be almost anything.”

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