Keeping the young Trudeau in the style to which he’s become accustomed

- May 3rd, 2012


On your dime, that is.

OTTAWA – Justin Trudeau showed a taste for fine food and even finer hotels at taxpayers’ expense prior to his time as an MP.

Before being elected a Liberal MP, Trudeau chaired the charitable youth group Katimavik, which was started by his late father’s Liberal government. The Harper government recently announced that it would stop funding Katimavik, citing high per-person costs for its youth-exchange program.

Receipts for a Katimavik retreat at the posh 4 Diamond Loews Concorde hotel in Quebec City show that Trudeau billed double the rate of other Katimavik members.

While some representatives of the group charged just $362 for a two-night stay, Trudeau charged $740. That figure even eclipsed the cost of Katimavik president Jean-Guy Bigeau’s $469 charge for a three-night stay.

Trudeau expensed a $127 lunch for two that included fine brandies and on another occasion he billed $93 for sushi lunch for two.

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  1. JK5670 says:

    So, this is what Sun Media is reduced to? Bev Oda, part of their neo-con rat pack gets slammed for her outrageous spending of taxpayer dollars, so they go after a Liberal’s spending, from 10 years ago, when he wasn’t a member of parliament?


  2. Jim says:

    How old is this info?
    If Katimavik was a charity, how much of their operating budget was tax dollars? If you are accusing him of spending tax dollars you really should include this.
    $127 for lunch for 2 is not really that expensive, especially if you factor in drinks. Additionally, it was for 2 and yet you don’t say if it was business related. Was it trying to entice a donation? Come on, just because you call it a blog doesn’t excuse poor research.
    I have paid over $70 for sushi for 2 and that was take out so there was not drinks.

    This is a really poor attempt at diversion. It is obvious you don’t think very highly of your readers intelligence.

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