RIP Laurier LaPierre

- December 17th, 2012

Laurier LaPierre
Just heard the news that he’d passed away at 83. I got to know him a little bit in recent years; we had many a pleasant chat at Politics and the Pen in Ottawa. I did not agree with him very often. But he was a very charming man. RIP

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  1. David@Montreal says:

    Merci Laurier
    you passionate humanity, your love of Canada your professional integrity were all irreplacable gifts to my generation and our country.

    you will not be forgotten

    thank you

  2. cathie williams says:

    Passion, commitment and integrity. Laurier believed in the youth of this country and this country itself. A true Canadian that will be truly missed by those fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to have the pleasure of discussion on who and what we are as Canadians with him. His phone message ended with Vive le Canada and I thank him for reminding me that we as Canadians need to stand proud no matter what part of Canada we are from and to embrace all that comes.

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