What’s the right age to be prime minister?

- September 29th, 2012

One of my Facebook friends asked me whether I thought Justin Trudeau was too young to be prime minister. That’s a tricky question for me, since I’m pretty much the same age as the younger Trudeau. Would I consider myself too young for that job?

Yes. Age isn’t the most important thing, but there is something to be said for the wisdom that a lifetime spent trying to solve real-life problems gives you. At 40, most people don’t have enough wisdom. True, some people never gain much wisdom no matter how old they are. Still, the principle applies.

Now to be fair, Justin Trudeau’s age isn’t what bugs me the most about him. Some people are uncommonly wise early. But he’s never displayed any signs of being such a person. His list of accomplishments is rather thin, his list of policy positions is even thinner, and signs that he’s a man of outstanding character who could be trusted to make the right decision in a crisis are well, there aren’t that many.

So unless he gives us signs that he’s actually thought about the challenges faced by the country and that he has some kind of semi-coherent plan to deal with same, he shouldn’t be taken seriously, regardless of his age.

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  1. Douglas Peters says:

    We are looking for signs, are we, that Mr. Trudeau is “uncommonly wise”?
    He is ” . . . pretty much . . . ” the same age as Ms. Pellerin, she says. What signs has she shown to prove that she is competent to judge another?
    She seems to overlook that in a democracy, the leader of any group can also depend upon the wisdom of others.

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