Will the real Mark Holland please stand up?

- August 10th, 2010

It will be interesting to see which Mark Holland shows up to the public safety committee today to discuss airport security, the one who told me that this is a serious issue or the one that told other media outlets that this is a “non-existent issue.”

Holland is the Liberal go to guy on public safety and national security issues so naturally I called him for our series of stories on air security and passenger screening. When the story broke on August 1st, Holland told me he was concerned.

“Clearly this is unacceptable. All Canadian Muslims would agree that showing your face for security is essential. The fact that regulations at airports aren’t being followed is disturbing and needs to be fixed immediately,” Holland said.

When the Conservatives sought to call back the public safety committee, he again felt this was a legitimate issue.

“Happy to have the committee come back,” Liberal committee member Mark Holland told QMI Agency. “But what about all the other pressing issues they refuse to deal with?”

Holland said he wanted the committee to deal with CSIS, the RCMP and G8/G20 security issues. All valid points to raise.

Here though is what Holland told my colleague Megan Fitzpatrick from Postmedia on Monday.

“We’re not even certain there is a problem, all we have is a YouTube video,” said Liberal MP Mark Holland. “I don’t really know what the purpose of the meeting is other than to try to get people scared about a non-existent issue.”

That’s interesting. When speaking with Sun Media the Liberal MP is concerned about a security breach, when speaking with other outlets he doesn’t see one at all. What’s also interesting is that Holland knows this is about more than a video because we have talked about the Sun Media/QMI investigation into airport security.

For those that have not heard airport workers in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa have all confirmed that passenger screening practices are not always followed.

So which Mark Holland will show up today?


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  1. Al Wood says:

    Simple answer to the question above. The Mark Holland that shows up will be the one the Liberal Party tells to show up. So depending on Mr. Holland’s character today we will also be given an insight into what the Liberal Party thinks about airport security.

  2. Monica says:

    Of course the self same liberals will point at Harper and scream negligence if a Muslim bomber blows up one of our aircraft with innocents on it. It only takes one lax moment for a terrorists to get on a plane and that one lax moment is called the Burka. Now if Neo Nazis or White Supremacists were the problem well glory be and hell and damanation the Libs would be bleeding in outrage but alas when it’s the usual Islamic Supremacists the left look away lest they offend.

  3. Toxic Issue says:

    The Liberals speak out of both sides of their mouths, on three heads. The Liberals are supposedly the big “tent”, which is like a chameleon’s skin color. They are on everybody’s side apparently. I can’t stand their disingenuous blather; especially their little attack dog Holland. I remember Holland coming to Alberta when he was uder Dion’s rule and speaking on the Rutherford and Adler shows stating that the Oilsands were going to be ok under the green shaft, but laughed mockingly while saying it; what a twit.

  4. Mary T says:

    So Holland says all they have is one video, that has been seen by a lot of people, and he doesn’t think it could be a problem
    He was sure mouthy re Helena’s supposed meltdown, with no video evidence, and only the report from Easter that he had received a letter, (never produced,), from some airport worker, (never identified) when he was demanding her removal, blah blah blah.
    Guess we will have to wait and see, which Holland shows up.

  5. hollinm says:

    There is an issue. I saw it with my own eyes at the Calgary airport August 3rd. A muslim woman fully covered including her face approached the boarding agent and was cleared without having to lift her veil. Yet when my wife approached the same boarding agent she compared our names, faces to our passports. We boarded the flight and there was this same woman still fully veiled sitting on our plane. Given that Baird said there is only one law in Canada and we must all follow it then the airports are not doing their jobs ensuring that anyone who boards a flight has their faces compared to their photo id.
    As usual Holland is being too cute by half. I hope this guy is de-elected after the next election. He often appears like a fool.

  6. Jim says:

    Holland’s changing tune isn’t nearly as bad as Harper requiring his cabinet ministers to ask hi when and if they can do even the most trivial of things. Harper controls everything all of his caucus members do.

  7. Lynda says:

    Jim: don’t you think that line is getting a little old. After all, is the same old line from 2006. Please provide specifics of your attack.

  8. sanwin says:

    It’s okay.

    The Liberals are stuck in 2006.

    That’s when they last held power.

    Since they imagine they are the natural ruling party of this country, they have to fall back on the same old tired excuse.

    Much like their hero south of the border has recently fallen back to blaming GWB in his time of woe.

    Liberals. It nothing else, they are so predictable.

  9. ted says:

    Jim people like you make me laugh [Lefties]. you guys change your position constantly…you talk of our PM like he,s some kind of svengali who has mind control abilities,Excuse me but howbout that cheap&tacky guy from that golf course in Quebec/ YOU know what,s his name. was a liberal supporter until i got a load of this bully with the co-op ofpretty much everyleftie in the country.Then i got mugged. Not by the usual baddies by liberals defending gun registry badblood scandel adscam. Icould go on,but you see the evidence , don,t you?cinsidering what passes fof leadership good luck

  10. Marky Mark may show up but his shorts may already be in knot.

    Perhaps their anonymous airport security expert in PEI is drafting a new letter for Mark.

    He must be concerned with a national grassroots organization called TurfMarkHolland or the highly qualified candidate being fielded by the Conservatives.

  11. JoeFrmEdm says:

    Don’t forget that he has ties to the Tamil Tigers he went to a wake along with other Lieberals for a big name Tiger terrorist…….

  12. Scott Tribe says:

    It’s not Mark Holland you should have worried about showing up, Mr. Lilley. When the Conservatives own chairperson can’t be bothered to show up, we see this for what it was/is; a complete farce/sideshow designed to try and distract from the Census firestorm or the Khadr show-trial or both.

    A nice attempt to try and get the majority on the Committee, but not good when its the Chairperson who doesnt show up and makes it obvious to all what their attempted ply was.

  13. Patrick Ross says:

    That’s a bit of a blatant attempt at issue-dodging, Scott.

    The committee in question wasn’t dismissed because of the absence of any one member. It was dismissed because soon-to-be-forrmer Ajax-Pickering MP Mark Holland made a motion that confirms that he doesn’t understand the purpose of the committee on which he sits.

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