And you’re paying for this

- June 29th, 2012

A Montreal rapper romanticizes suicide attacks again “enemy” Canadian troops. And of course he gets to do this using your tax dollars.

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  1. Corinne Kalo says:

    When is Freedom of Speech gone to far? We have gone from the polite and friendly Canadians to supporting ignorant and distasteful idiots with tax money. I personally did not agree to have my hard earned money passed on to having these rappers insult my country and the dedicated soldiers who lost their lives to protect the innocent people in this part of the world. Such a wakeup call to the Canadian people, especially those who hand over our money to promote this devious and hurtful excuse for Art. Many families have lost their loved ones in the pursuit to bring a better life to these war torn countries. Countries who kill the innocent women and children, their own blood, and they have the gall to make such remarks about the very soldiers who would have died to defend their right to freedom. That piece of crap called music should be thrown out of existence along with those who supported it in any way shape or form. For God sake Canada, don’t you know your enemies…stop feeding this type of propaganda and cut any ties with anyone who spews hatred upon the souls we have lost,in part due to the ignorance of those who have no respect for the lives, and freedoms of others

  2. JFJ says:

    Does the NDP need any other reason to have “arts and culture” funding slashed?


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