Going for the gold in acid commentary

- August 10th, 2012

Blogging for the Daily Telegraph, Neil O’Brien, Director of the Policy Exchange think tank, apologizes for interrupting people’s enjoyment of the Olympics:

I know, I know. Just when you were enjoying a welcome break from squabbling politicians on the box. For some reason you prefer to see heroic gold medallists pushing the boundaries of human achievement, rather than a bunch of overweight guys in suits with undiagnosed personality disorders trying to score points off one another.


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  1. Simon Sévigny says:

    So studid your comment on Québec special report.You are miss inform because the Québec gourvernement sent in 2011 to Ottawa 50G.
    so why you miss inform the population,

  2. Simon Sévigny says:

    That is why I am an YES man to separate because of journalist like you ,that you beleive to know the truth but you only miss inform the population .

  3. Simon Sévigny says:

    On Toronto Sun Monday AUGUST 20 PAGE 6 John Robson wrote down that Québec paid in $ 2,671.4 M ,..you are totally wrong Mr John Robson ,..you shoud have write down 50G.That is all a difference.

  4. Simon Sévigny says:

    The fed never spent a penny on dams in Québec and they dare to charge me GST on my Hydro electric bill.
    The fed spent money in Alberta for oil,the fed spent money in New Foundland for oil.The fed spent money in Ontario in 2009 to save the automobile industries.

  5. Simon Sévigny says:

    The fed never spent any money to save Hydro Québec.

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