MPs are like “bags of testosterone,” says Green Party Leader

- September 23rd, 2010


Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said MPs’ rude antics during question period are turning voters off.

“Our House of Commons is not a game and people when they turn on question period are disgusted with Parliament,” May told reporters Thursday. “We wouldn’t permit [this behaviour] from our children. [MPs] are like a bunch of schoolyard bullies. They are like bags of testosterone bouncing off each other in the House of Commons. It’s not acceptable.”

All parties contribute to the “disrespectful” atmosphere, she said, but by far Conservative MPs are the worse when it comes to heckling, booing and name-calling.

“Not just because they are more of them but because they are persistently louder and persistently ruder,” she told reporters. “It’s not possible to watch [question period] without drawing this conclusion, it is not a partisan conclusion,” she added.

May frequently watches question period from up above in the diplomatic gallery. She said she knows that Government House leader John Baird is quite capable of cooperation but since Monday he has just sat there and smiled as his caucus heckles.

She called on every party leaders and the House of Commons Speaker Peter Milliken to enforce the rules that are already in place which forbid MPs from taking over one another.

MPs should not be interrupt each other and ministers should be forced to respond to questions in a relevant way, even if they are not obliged to provide “honest” answers, she said.

May believes if constituents were told of the rude comments their MPs make in Ottawa, it would serve a sanctioning method and shut them up. She pointed the finger at Pierre Poilievre and Dean Del Mastro.

The daily record of the House of Commons, Hansard, rarely identifies which members are heckling or exposes extreme examples of unparliamentarily behaviour in the chamber.

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  1. Dack says:

    Imagine if this one gets elected! She pushes her way into the nationally televised election debates without having 1 seat in parliament, and now dictates from the gallery how it should be run. Hint to Elizabeth: the Tories sound louder because they have the most seats in the house. Also, Stephane is no longer the leader so there is no point sucking up to the Liberals.

  2. Glover says:

    I admit, I’ve turned the channel often when watching some of these question periods… The bickering, booing, and heckling is completley unprofessional. I don’t know what other place of buisness would allow for that, especially on such a regular basis. Personally, I don’t care who is the loudest, or who does this the most frequently… but we SHOULD have a government that has to operate on the same basic standards that every other professional in this country adheres to.

  3. Ted from Oshawa says:

    Listen to who is talking. In the leaders debate in the last election she interrupted the PM every time he tried to speak. He listened to her and she interrupted him.
    She came across as a loud abrasive know it all with nothing to add to the conversation. These comments haven’t changed my mind.
    Non partisan my ass!
    I damned well hope this useless windbag isn’t involved in the leaders debate next election!

  4. Mel Parker says:

    If Parliament wants to improve decorum and the general public is to spared the Àdult Kindergarten scenes in the House of Commons, maybe it is time for CPAC and all other media outlets be restricted to an audio feed of Question Period.

    With the phony actors not being able to showcase their antics, maybe, just maybe, the dialogue across the aisles would become more civil.

    This would be a sober presentation of varying views without the video theatrics. I believe democracy would still be served and Hansard would then contain the necessary verbeage for historical purposes.

  5. Jimmy says:

    Bags of something, alright.

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