Are you puzzled by Thomas Mulcair’s comparison?

- May 21st, 2012

The Leader of the Opposition compared Canada to Nigeria in the House of Commons last week. Most of us found it rather puzzling, to say the least. I mean, other than having a name that ends in “a”, the two countries have nothing in common.

The folks at were puzzled, too. And they produced this ad highlighting just how silly Mulcair’s comparison is.


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  1. John Q Public says:

    Angry Thommy is so far off base on these comments that he comes off as a very out of touch leader.

    Everyone knows that this is nothing but the most divisive political gamesmanship that a leader can exhibit. This man is no Jack Layton.

  2. Jay Wiwchar says:

    Hes not far off.
    The only difference is that instead of stealing money from the people the corporations are taking and giving back as little as people would tolerate.

    Hear hear for corporate profits!

  3. Jen says:

    Are you puzzled by Thomas Mulcair’s comparison


    Why does it concern the SNN of Mulclair’s comparison. Nathan Cullen, Megan Leslie all have shown dislike for the oilsands and want it shut down. How Canada is going to live with hundreds and thousands lost of jobs across this nation is something the SNN just can’t bring themselves to utter far less show any concern.

    BTW SNN, ‘the oilsands is not subsidized’

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