But they are ready to run the country

- September 26th, 2012

According to Canada.com federal NDP luminaries are a bit disorganized.

Six of the nine candidates who ran for leadership of the New Democratic Party last spring, including the winner Tom Mulcair, couldn’t get their campaign expenses to Elections Canada on time and were granted extensions.

Now let’s see them write a federal budget… not.


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  1. Jen says:

    Oh darn is that all it is not the cpc so move on. Right ROBSON?

    How much do some of the libs STILL owe loans to the EC and were granted extensions after extensions after extensions and still they refuse to pay back the loans.

    Will the media including SNN go after them (both parties) to collect the world? Not a pricking chance.

    Like I said just now “It is not about the CPC, therefore there is nothing to talk about.

    Bec Oda $16 orange juice received more airtime per min than either of the opposition own mess.

    I notice that the media feel comfortable berating the CPC than they are with the Opposition.

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