- September 10th, 2012

Thomas Mulcair

Now that the separatist (though, you know, not really all that separatisty right at the moment) Parti Quebecois has been more or less elected to run Quebec (though, you know, maybe not quite) with a plurality of 54 seats against the Liberals’ 50, the federal NDP thinks now is a good time to postpone setting up a Quebec branch of the party, as they were just sort of promising. Thomas Mulcair told Le Journal de Montreal on the weekend:

«Maintenant que nous avons devant nous un gouvernement minoritaire, cela exigerait d’être constamment sur un pied d’alerte et je crois que ce ne serait pas la meilleure utilisation de nos ressources, a expliqué le chef du NPD. Je dois me concentrer sur l’objectif de déloger Stephen Harper en 2015.»

My translation: “Now that we have in front of us a minority government, it [provincial NDP] would mean always being in a state of alert and I don’t believe this would be the best use of our resources. I must focus on the defeating Stephen Harper in 2015.”

Alright, then.

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