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- April 6th, 2012

Charlie Angus
This drives me nuts:

A government appointed third-party manager tasked with handling affairs for a troubled Ontario reserve will be removed from his post shortly, according to a letter sent to Attawapiskat First Nation.

Charlie Angus, the NDP MP for the area encompassing the northern reserve, reviewed the government letter sent to the band on Thursday. The notice indicates the manager will be withdrawn on April 19.

Attawapiskat, located along the shores of James Bay, declared a state of
 emergency in late October due to a dire housing crisis.

“This decision [to withdraw the manager] has been reached in recognition of the success that has been achieved in addressing the urgent health and safety requirements of the 25 affected families that were identified last winter,” the department letter states.

Angus said the plan to bring in the manager was flawed and a waste of money.

“This was just not a smart way to handle this community,” Angus said. “It has caused a lot of unnecessary interference.”

So let me get this straight. When the government lets the reserve (mis)manage its own affairs to the point where we have an urgent housing crisis that requires immediate attention, the government is accused of ignoring the crisis. But when it appoints someone to take over temporarily and at least provide a pretty decent short-term solution, Mr. Angus calls this “unnecessary interference”. Would it be too much to ask the NDP MP to make up his mind?

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  1. Don says:

    Where is the 90 million, till that is found this should not be sweept under the carpet. I do know the gov. is scared od the aborigional people as every move they get called racist. The whole reserve system needs to be reveiwed, if a reserve is not located in a economically sustainable area, two choses, move to where life can be sustained or go on your own. Too many natives coming from these reserves are in our jails. TIME TO ACT NOW.

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