A question I almost do not dare ask…

- March 10th, 2012

Vic Toews

Oh, what the heck, let’s ask: Why are people working in opposition research (or anyone else digging up dirt on opponents or trying to stir up some political mischief online, for that matter) not using VPNs? (That’s virtual private networks, for the non-initiated. Google it if you need to.)


The Conservative majority on the committee voted Thursday night to invite him to testify about the use of government equipment to tweet the dirty details of Toews’ 2007 divorce.

Hiding behind the moniker @vikileaks30, Carroll’s thumbs were traced to the account after IT investigators tracked the computer to the Liberal research bureau – which is often used for dirty tricks and digging up dirt on opponents.

Carroll resigned after being uncovered – leaving a red-faced interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae to apologize in the House.

I know about VPNs. I’ve used them. They’re easy to get, and not even expensive. They work, too – especially the ones you pay money for. They’re very useful – they make you almost impossible to track online. Why was Carroll so easy to track? What kind of chump do you have to be not to cover your tracks?

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