How to drive Brigitte crazy in two easy steps

- September 17th, 2012

Danielle Smith

1. Identify a real problem

2. Propose an unrealistic and thoroughly inefficient way to solve it then cling to this false solution for dear life


I refer, of course, to the issue of property rights. Yes, we have serious problems in this country (and in the US, and elsewhere) with finding ways to restrain governments from depriving property owners of the use and/or enjoyment of their property without proper compensation. Especially through regulations. I don’t need to be convinced we have a serious problem. But you know what? Believing that if only we enshrined property rights in the Constitution it would help us save that problem is, not to put too fine a point on it, magic thinking.

Freedom of speech is in the Constitution. Did that help Ezra Levant? Freedom of conscience is in the Constitution. Did that help Scott Brockie, the printer who got in legal trouble for politely refusing the business of a gay group? Freedom of association is in the Constitution. Yet you have no right to refuse to pay union dues.

Our right to life is in the Constitution. Does that prevent abortion on demand?

So. What makes you think sticking property rights in the Constitution is going to help any? I’m not against constitutional protection for property rights. It’s not wrong in principle. But I’m not naive enough to believe it would solve anything.

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  1. D. Adams says:

    Brigitte Pellerin’s bio – A miracle child

    “born in Quebec City a few weeks after the October crisis. After a career path from flipping burgers to selling shoes to waiting tables to running retail stores, she received a 7th degree in music (piano) from Université Laval in 1985″

    The above excerpt was taken from Ms. Pellerin’s bio. Am I correct in assuming she was born in 1970/71 since that was the time of the Quebec crisis. That would make her approximately 15 years of age when she received her 7th degree. God bless her if this is accurate but my thinking is that with 7 degrees she should own Quebecor and not work for it.

  2. Brigitte Pellerin says:

    I was indeed 15, as were many other kids. Some were younger. Nothing spectacular there, sorry to disappoint.

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