Why get tough on crime?

- June 5th, 2012

Let me see if I have this right. The accused in the Eaton Centre shooting was under strict house arrest and facing charges from a November 2010 incident, having already in 2008 been caught with a bunch of pot and money, pled down to simple possession, and violated a condition imposed because of that little episode. But it is ludicrous to say we should be tougher on crime, or question the value of gun control, just because someone like that was roaming around a major Toronto shopping centre with a handgun.

Oh, and the man he shot dead was apparently wanted at the time under two separate arrest warrants, had a criminal record and was roaming around a major Toronto shopping centre. So clearly any citizen who favours more law and order and stricter sentences for bad people is an ignoramus fit only to be sneered at by the smart set.

That’s what I thought.

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  1. patrus monk says:

    We’ll protect society by cramming the good guys in the gaols while letting he bad guys earn a tough, middle-class living on the outside. Let em pay the taxes for some Time.

  2. Madeline Murphy says:

    Perhaps, John, you can explain to me — and others — why we enact social policy that creates and reproduces street gangs. Policy like drug prohibition which — when it was alcohol prohibition — nearly tore the United States apart, enriched organized crime and created a global network of alcohol smugglers.

    Well, for anyone who takes more than a passing interest in this issue, drug prohibition has done the same thing x 1000. Yet the current government is putting all its energy into the very forces that increase the influence of these forms of black market organization.

    Over to you, John.

  3. J.C. says:

    Judges in Canada are appointees,and far too often relationships with politicians is the reason for those appointments, many of whom lack the courage or belief that violent offenders,or those who steal from and assault the public should be separated from them by walls,bars and guards.

    Crown attorneys and parole personnel learn to follow the party line and criminals find that after “credit for time served,”"early parole,”"statutory release,”"usual sentencing guidelines,”and easy plea bargains,”offered by crown attorneys who seem unable or unwilling to go to trial,so that even the most vicious crimes are punished by the most lenient of sentences,followed by early parole/release.

    Canada already has strict gun control,and aside from ensuring that honest gun owners have to jump through a lot of hoops to acquire firearms,it is rare that gun crime is committed with legally acquired weapons.Like the teacher who seeks to quiet a classroom by threats of punishment for the entire class,should one talk out of turn, cowardly politicians seek further sanctions on honest gun owners in response to gun crime,while they refuse to hold even the most violent criminals accountable for their crimes.Swat teams should be maintained for the apprehension of violent offenders,and not for fathers whose children draw crayon pictures of guns.

    It is time that police,prosecutors,judges,and parole officials find the courage to send violent offenders away to serve long prison terms,with far less emphasis on rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders,and much more on deterrence and denunciation,with parole earned ,and not guaranteed.

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