Could we please get a break?

- October 2nd, 2012

For years we heard from Omar Khadr’s lawyers – over and over and over and over again – that Khadr was hoping to come back home, wanted nothing more than to be back home, longed to be back home, hoped to be back home soon, really really really was looking forward to the day when he’d be back home… and what happens once he does get back home?

More whining.

OTTAWA – Omar Khadr is is going through a “challenging adjustment” as he gets his bearings in a Canadian prison, his lawyer says.

John Norris said Monday that Khadr doesn’t currently have access to his books and educational material, and that gives him “a real sense of dislocation” as he settles into Millhaven maximum-security penitentiary.

“As awful a place as Guantanamo Bay was, he had built a home for himself there and he’s been yanked of that – not that he minds, but it difficult to have access to nothing at the moment,” he said.

Excuse my insensitivity, but when you finally get what you asked for, the least you should do is shut up.

FACEPALM UPDATE Ha! Putting two and two together – the fact that Khadr is caught without access to his books and such right at the moment, seeing as they were left behind in Gitmo, suggests that his transfer was perhaps more last-minute panicky than we’ve been led to believe.

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  1. Jocelyn Brunelle says:

    One thing I need to say. Obviously you didn’t have to endure what he went thru or else you wouldn’t talk the way you do.

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