Ding-Dong the Gun Registry is, er, not quite dead yet

- May 3rd, 2012

Categories: Public Safety

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  1. Sean Voldock says:

    I wouldn’t be against the registry if it wasn’t a double registry..

    In 1977 ANYONE who wanted to legally purchase a new firearm were required to have a valid FAC (firearms aquisition certificate)..Then with the introduction of C-68 in 1995 ALL gun owners had to have a POL/PAL to possess or purchase a firearm..This means that ALL firearm owners were registered as such, and makes the long gun registry a double registy…A total wast of parliment, and taxpayers money…

    Even though the long gun registry is gone, gun owners are sill registerd, and that will continue to be…It changes nothing….Anyone who has or ever had an FAC, POL, or PAL are on record and thus registered..Not many realize this..Gun owners, and non-gun owners alike…

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