So the kid gloves are off, comrades

- November 19th, 2012

Following the transition to a new generation of boring tyrant leaders in the People’s Republic of China, the regime’s ambassador to Canada says those who think Chinese companies engage in espionage should produce the evidence or “shut up.” Not exactly diplomatic language… but characteristic of a bully who thinks he’s getting the upper hand.

Especially when the existence of industrial espionage by Beijing’s political pseudo-corporations, aggressive hacking against the West and the whole panoply of the “Cold War mentality” ambassador Zhang Junsai sneeringly attributed to his critics is such an open secret. Does he think we’re already sufficiently in his masters’ pockets that he need no longer mind his manners and can instead start bludgeoning the truth the way they do back home?




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  1. Stephen Smith says:

    While strictly on the point he does make the case. Sight the evidence and then you can talk. Do I think the Chinese are spying, sure, but its all moot until you have the evidence.

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