The real Omar Khadr, part 5/6

- October 15th, 2012

Categories: Public Safety

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  1. jen says:

    Part 4/6 of the tapes is what fascinating and caught my attention especially when it took an American Lynne Morris to pinpoint who started this whole mess that the previous liberal government went to Pakistan to get release of Omar’s farther from the pakistan jail.

    Pakistan wasn’t going to shut down the jails like Obama intentions were to Gitmo, back in 2008.

    Pakistan wasn’t calling on nations to reclaim their terrorists so that they can shut down the jail.-like Obama did.

    Strange that a liberal PM Jean Chretien never bothered to go to USA to advocate for the release of Omar Khadr nor did the msm back in 2002, 03, 04, 05,…not until 2006, when the CPC minority government came into power did we hear in HOC: the libs, ndp and the bloc demand the return of Omar Khadr.

    Strange, that Ezra has not played those tapes of the oppositions and their beloved media chant for the ‘return of Omar Khadr.

    It took an american to remind us and not any of you.

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