Mme Marois en anglais – OW!

- February 6th, 2013

She was recently interviewed by the BBC during her rather unsuccessful trip to Scotland (where the PM refused to let media take a picture of him and Marois together, ahem). The clip is here. I think it’s clear that she cannot express herself in English – at best she’s hard to follow, but she’s frequently impossible to understand. There it is for the whole world to see – a pure product of the worst isolationist strain of Quebec separatism. Unable to express herself in English (which is not, you know, some obscure language), unable to explain her project, and forever stuck in a very reductionist view of the world as one where the dream of independence is like a magic friend that will make everything better. As if an independent Quebec wouldn’t have to deal – in English – with other countries.

It’s sad, really.

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  1. John Surins says:

    Very well stated . Continue with the excellent work on SUN NEWS & EYE on the HILL .

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